Successful validation of the Vision Hydrogen fuel cell Team VISTAH-130E integrated fuel cell system

Nov 10, 2022

After months of research and development, the Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. Co., Ltd. VISTAH-130E was successfully born and passed the experimental verification. The Vision Hydrogen Fuel Cell Team VISTAH-130E is primarily aimed at the future large-scale commercial vehicle market. The system offers high performance while being mass-producible, reliable in quality, durable and sustainable in cost reduction.

The Vision hydrogen fuel cell team VISTAH-130E adopts Vision hydrogen fuel cell team's self-developed 220-piece dual electric reactor, combined with the integration of humidifier and intercooler, low-pressure hydrogen system integration, and direct copper connection integration of DC/DC and electric reactor to build the integrated system of this fuel cell system.

The Vision hydrogen fuel cell team VISTAH-130E integrated system adopts the low-pressure hydrogen supply control technology of multi-proportional valve + pilot to reduce the power consumption of the hydrogen system; the control technology of large air compressor + flow closed loop is used to enhance the system's plateau adaptability and meet the altitude requirements of plateau areas.

The project has gone through the process of system design - system simulation - control strategy - process verification - - performance testing from project inception to experimental validation. -Performance testing. The system package housing has passed the pressure retention test and met the sealing requirements; and the 1-hour rated power output has been verified in accordance with the strong inspection requirements, and the net power of the system is stable above 130kW.

As the first integrated fuel cell engine, the Vision hydrogen VISTAH-130E features higher power density, higher system efficiency and lower hydrogen consumption. The product will subsequently be used in large sanitation vehicles, large logistics vehicles, heavy trucks and tractor trailers to provide powerful and clean power for vehicles.