Jul 14, 2023

Dear Customers:

Recently, our company has found that a few unscrupulous elements have obtained unlawful interests by counterfeiting our company's official website, stealing all or part of our website's text and picture materials, maliciously registering and using domain name websites and mailboxes similar to our company's trademarks, misleading our customers and infringing upon their legitimate rights and interests. In order to safeguard the interests of the majority of customers and the company's relevant rights and interests are not infringed upon, the company issued the following solemn statement:

The company's only official website in English is :,and the only correct mailbox suffix in China Any unauthorised use of our company's trademarks or the use of similar domain name websites and mailbox suffixes for publicity and business operations seriously infringes on the rights of our company and greatly infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of our customers. Any unauthorised use of our company's trademark or use of similar domain name website and email address for publicity and business operation is a serious violation of our company's rights and also a great infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.

We hereby warn any relevant organisations or individuals who have misappropriated the information on our official website that they must immediately stop all infringing behaviours. We have collected relevant evidence, and if necessary, we will take legal measures to pursue the infringer's legal responsibility and safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

Please recognise the following official contact information:



Phone: +86 0755-66851118