Special report of Hubei Daily: Hubei Jingshan base constructs a pattern of "lead acid + lithium battery + hydrogen energy"

Sep 16, 2021

Recently, Vision Jingshan production base , in Hubei Province, as a well-known local production project, won a special report from Hubei Daily.

Based on the original production of lead-acid batteries, Vision Jingshan base has put into operation the lithium battery production base project and built a production base of core parts of hydrogen energy, forming a strategic layout of "lead-acid + lithium + hydrogen energy". The following is the report:

Build a lead-acid battery industrial park and lithium battery production base in Jingshan, build a hydrogen energy industrial park in Wuhan,and build a hydrogen energy benchmark factory in Central China. In recent years, Shenzhen Center Power Technology Co., Ltd. has accelerated its establishment in our province. The strategic layout of "Lithium + Hydrogen Energy" is quietly taking shape.

In August, the first-phase project of Jingshan lithium battery production base was put into trial production, and the second-phase construction was about to start. Recently, all media reporters from Hubei Daily visited Vision Hubei Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. in Jingshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.

Lead-acid battery headquarters takes the lead in "returning"

The first reaction of the local people was "return economy" when the Vision settled in Jingshan.

Huanong Zhang, founder of Vision Group, is a native of Jingshan. After graduating from Harbin University of Technology in 1984, he worked as an engineer and chief engineer in battery enterprises in Wuhan and Shenzhen. With his keen insight, he founded Shenzhen Center Power Technology in 1994 and started an extraordinary entrepreneurial process.

As the forerunner of an export-oriented enterprise of lead-acid batteries, Vision has written many records in the industry: one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in the development and production of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries in China, and has been ranked No. 1 in export volume among Chinese sealed lead-acid batteries for many years. in 2007, it developed a new generation of long-life electric vehicle batteries in China; in 2014, it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

"The chairman has always cared about his hometown." Wang Ketian, general manager of Vision Group[, currently based in Jingshan to promote the construction of lithium battery projects, told reporters that as early as 2004, Vision established a lead-acid battery factory in Songhe Town, Jingshan City, and moved to Balitu Industrial Zone in the county seat.

"The chairman has always cared about his hometown." Wang Ketian, general manager of Vision Group[, currently based in Jingshan to promote the construction of lithium battery projects, told reporters that as early as 2004, Vision established a lead-acid battery factory in Songhe Town, Jingshan City, and moved to Balitu Industrial Zone in the county seat.

Invest 1 billion to build Jingshan lithium battery base

A 100,000-class dust-free workshop, high-precision automated production and testing equipment, busy and orderly employees... On August 31, the reporter walked into the workshop of Vision Hubei Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., and the "Sense of technology" came to the face.

"The project of the Vision Jingshan Lithium Battery Production Base was signed in June last year, and the construction started in August. It was put into operation as scheduled within one year." Huang Cheng, the person in charge of the Jingshan Lithium Battery Project, said that the project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan and will be constructed in three phases. The first phase of the project, which has just been put into production, has a capacity of 1GWh (equivalent to 1 million KWh), and will achieve full production by the end of 2021, with an annual output value of nearly 1 billion yuan.

In recent years, Vision Group has made rapid progress in the research and development of lithium batteries. It has not only led the national torch plan of "150,000 KVAh lithium iron phosphate power batteries per year", but also developed domestically advanced motive power batteries with completely independent intellectual property rights last year--"HEV battery", the battery has the characteristics of fast charging and quick discharge, high safety performance, long cruising range, etc., which has driven the company's lithium battery and material revenue to increase significantly.

"Lithium battery business is the company's main profit growth point in recent years." Huang Cheng revealed that the second phase of the Vision Jingshan lithium battery project has a designed capacity of 2GWh. It is expected that the Shenzhen lithium battery production base will be moved to Jingshan within 3-5 years, with a capacity of 1GWh, which is the third phase of the project. After the commissioning, the annual output value of Jingshan Lithium Battery Base is expected to reach 3 billion yuan.

"Unlike Ningde and BYD, which focuses on motive power batteries, Vision takes the path of differentiated competition and aims at market segments such as UPS power supply, communications, and energy storage." Wang Ketian said that Vision has a solid overseas market and exports 100 products. In many countries, application scenarios include more than 80,000 4G and 5G base stations around the world, hundreds of IDC data centers, and its high-density battery products are increasingly used in electric light trucks, logistics vehicles, and low-speed vehicles. Especially for high-rate lithium batteries that are matched with hydrogen fuel cells, Vision Group intends to create a unique hydrogen-lithium hybrid solution.

The layout of hydrogen fuel cells is determined

From the development of lead-acid to the deep cultivation of lithium batteries, Vision is becoming more and more familiar with it, but Zhang Huanong has already set his sights on the new track-hydrogen fuel cells.

With the elite R&D team of more than 100 people, Vision has the largest power hydrogen fuel cell engine in the country, the first automated stack production line, etc., and has completed the layout of key links in the hydrogen energy industry chain including membrane electrodes, fuel cell stacks, fuel cell engine systems, vehicle operations, etc. .

So far, Vision has built 4 hydrogen energy projects in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Datong and Qingdao, and intends to build a hydrogen energy core component production base in Jingshan.

"In 2018, the company's hydrogen engine was put into production in WuHan, and hundreds of sets have been produced so far. Recently, the state has introduced a new support policy. It is expected that the company's engine and stack output will increase significantly this year." Li Wei, the person in charge of the WuHan Vision HydaV told reporters.

"Vision will continue to increase its investment in WuHan," Zhang Huanong said when he visited Wuhan Economic Development Zone in July this year. According to the agreement, the Wuhan Hydrogen Industrial Park of Vision HydraV, covering an area of 278 acres, is mainly engaged in the research and development, testing, production, display and sales of hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrodes, stacks, engines and other products, as well as project incubation. The overall plan of the project is to produce 500,000 square meters of hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrodes, 100,000 sets of hydrogen fuel cell engines, and 100,000 sets of hydrogen fuel cell stacks. The first phase of the new industrial park is expected to be put into operation in september this year, and the construction of the headquarters base project will start soon.

Two and a half years ago, Wuhan Vision HydraV also participated as a shareholder in the construction and operation of Hubei’s first fixed hydrogen refueling station—Wuhan Xiongzhong Hydrogen Refueling Station, providing hydrogen refueling services for 21 hydrogen buses of 6 demonstration bus lines in the area,, the third largest in the country, and most of the hydrogen engine systems of these vehicles come from Vision Group. In November last year, Jingshan purchased 30 hydrogen fuel buses from Xiamen Jinlong. Among them, core components such as stacks and engines were produced by Vision Group. Jingshan hydrogen refueling station project is also under approval.