Six years in a row! Vision Group awarded "Shenzhen Famous Brand"

Aug 26, 2022

Recently, Vision Group received the notification of the Shenzhen Famous Brand Evaluation Committee and was invited to attend the "19th Shenzhen Famous Brand Achievement Conference", which is the sixth consecutive year that Vision Group was awarded the title of "Shenzhen Famous Brand".

The "Shenzhen Famous Brands" cultivation and evaluation activities have been held for nineteen consecutive sessions so far, and a total of 893 "Shenzhen Famous Brands" have been selected, accounting for only four ten-thousandths of the total number of enterprises in the city, with sales accounting for 49.94% of the city's total sales, 42.03% of tax payments and 35.49% of exports. They accounted for 49.94% of the city's total sales, 42.03% of tax payments and 35.49% of exports, making outstanding contributions to Shenzhen's economic development. The "Shenzhen Famous Brands" have evolved into the main force in creating Shenzhen's quality, the first team of the enterprise construction army, and are also synonymous with high quality and quality.

The company has been awarded as National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen Top 50 Private Enterprise, China Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise, Specialized Small Giant Enterprise, Invisible Champion Enterprise, Gazelle Enterprise, Shenzhen Private Leading Backbone Enterprise, National Enterprise Technology Centre, National Postdoctoral Workstation and other awards. It has also been awarded the Guangdong Provincial and Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and Innovation Award for many times. Vision Group's brand awareness, reputation and loyalty have been enhanced, and it has gradually become a more forward-looking international brand.