Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. invited to attend 2022 China International New Energy Conference

Jul 19, 2022

Dr. Gao Pengran, Chief Engineer of Xiongtao Hydrogen Rui, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 2022 China International New Energy Conference and New Energy Battery Summit in Chengdu from July 13-15, 2022.

The 2022 China International New Energy Conference is co-organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network and Shanghai Futures Exchange. The event brings together elites from the upstream and downstream of the domestic new energy and photovoltaic industries, corporate experts, industry scholars and analysts to discuss the professional and authoritative technical and technological knowledge of China's new energy industry.

The following is a selection of speeches:

Dr. Gao Pengran: "Currently, Japan and South Korea are leading the fuel cell passenger car market, with Toyota, Honda and Hyundai dominating the market. China's fuel cell passenger cars will continue to seek technical breakthroughs in the future, with vehicle performance and range needing to be further improved, vehicle costs further reduced, and the improvement of the fuel cell passenger car platform from "modified cars" to positive R&D completed."

Current situation of fuel cell vehicle development in various countries

Overseas research and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are mainly focused on the passenger car sector, with representative companies and products including Toyota Mirai, Hyundai NEXO, Honda Clarity, etc., which are mainly promoted in the United States, Japan and South Korea, with the cumulative number of vehicles exceeding 20,000.

Development of hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles in China

Since 2011, policies on hydrogen energy have been released frequently. The 3+2 hydrogen energy demonstration clusters have been formed in China. The early demonstration of commercial vehicles will stimulate the whole fuel cell industry chain to make progress, bringing down the cost and other benefits, and laying the necessary foundation for the development of fuel cell passenger cars.

The future market for domestic fuel cell passenger vehicles will be dominated by demonstrations in some regions and scenarios in the short term, and in the long term, with the popularisation of hydrogen energy after 2030, it will be possible to achieve widespread promotion.

Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. fuel cell reactor

Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. is rooted in green energy and focuses on the future, contributing to the goal of "double carbon". Based on the company's strong R&D platform, we have developed highly competitive graphite plate reactors and metal plate reactors with rated power ranging from 5kW to 150kW.

The Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. W1.0 metal plate reactor has the following features.

1.Self-hygroscopic, the cathode does not humidify and the anode can achieve 0% - 100% humidity sensitivity, a performance we have developed specifically for passenger cars.
2.High volumetric power density, currently 5.4kW/L possible for W1.0 sheet metal reactors.
3.Low temperature start-up, achieving a low temperature cold start-up requirement of -30°C.
4.high insulation, with a stack insulation of 500MΩ@1000V, more than 500 times higher than the national standard.
5.Fast load addition and removal, load addition and removal speeds of up to 50 kW/S can be achieved, from idle to full load up to 2.4S.

The W1.0 metal plate reactor has a rigorous structural design with over 3000 components. These 3,000 components have undergone repeated design simulation (fluid simulation, vibration simulation, etc.), assembly and test verification by the powerful simulation team of Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd.

The A series reactor is a graphite reactor, which has undergone simulation design of the flow field of the pole plate, optimization design of the end plate simulation and vibration and shock simulation of the whole reactor to ensure its safety. Mainly used in scenarios below 100kW.

Finally, Dr. Gao Pengran said: Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. should take customer-centric delivery quality assurance and make electric reactor products that users can afford and use with confidence. With technology driving the future, we will explore the market demand for hydrogen energy applications and contribute to the green development of the industry and the realization of the double carbon goal.