Shenzhen HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the "16th China New Energy International Expo and Summit"

Nov 22, 2022

The 16th China New Energy International Expo and Summit was held in Xi'an from 18th to 20th November. Approved by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and co-organised by the All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Xi'an New Area Management Committee, this forum invited experts and scholars from home and abroad to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the new energy industry.

On November 20, Dr. Jiang Kun of Shenzhen HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.( One of the Vision Battery's subsidiaries)was invited to attend this year's China New Energy International Expo and Summit and delivered a keynote speech on "The Road to Industrialisation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems under the "Double Carbon" Goal".

As a clean energy source, hydrogen energy is one of the key breakthroughs in the future energy revolution. Since 2011, policies on hydrogen energy have been frequently released. The 3+2 hydrogen energy demonstration clusters have been formed in China. The early demonstration of commercial vehicles will stimulate the whole fuel cell industry chain to make progress, bringing down the cost and other benefits, and laying the necessary foundation for the development of fuel cell passenger cars.

Full industry chain layout

Hydrogen fuel cell is the key development strategy of Vision Battery Dr. Jiang Kun introduced in the conference: Vision Battery has completed a comprehensive layout of key aspects of the hydrogen energy industry chain such as hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, air compressors, bipolar plates, hydrogen reflux pumps, controllers, membrane electrodes, fuel cell electric stacks, fuel cell engine systems and other key aspects of the whole vehicle operation. At the same time, the company has invested in its own research and development in various fields such as low platinum-carrying catalysts, membrane electrodes and aluminium hydrogen production, and has achieved milestone results.

Creating the ultimate hydrogen consumption

With the continuous support of domestic policies, cost reduction will become a key driver for the industrialization of hydrogen energy. The road to cost reduction for Vision Battery's hydrogen energy products will be broken down one by one from four aspects: cost reduction of core components, cost reduction of design optimization, cost reduction of scale manufacturing, and cost reduction of laddering utilization, focusing on building core competitiveness and helping the healthy development of the industry.

Dr. Jiang Kun said: At present, Vision Battery will take efficiency improvement as the main internal research direction, firstly, it is required to reduce the auxiliary power consumption, secondly, it is to improve the hydrogen utilization rate as much as possible, and increase the efficiency of the new system.

New Product Preview

The Vision Battery VISTAH-130E adopts Xiongtao Hydrogen Rui's self-developed 220-cell dual power stack, combined with humidifier and intercooler integration, low-pressure hydrogen system integration, and direct copper connection integration of DC/DC and power stack to build an integrated system for this fuel cell.

As the first integrated fuel cell engine, the Vision Battery VISTAH-130E features higher power density, higher system efficiency and lower hydrogen consumption. The product will be subsequently applied to large sanitation vehicles, large logistics vehicles, heavy trucks and tractor trailers to provide powerful and clean power for vehicles.

Vision Battery is committed to the development of cost-effective, efficient and reliable fuel cell series products to achieve differentiated applications in industry, transportation, power and construction. In the future, Xiongtao Hydroxiong will empower industrial development with technology, embrace the national dual carbon strategy, and join hands with more industry partners to jointly promote the road to fuel cell commercialization.