Shenzhen government give incentives to green data centres

Dec 28, 2022

As data plays an increasingly important role in the digital society and intelligent life, the world is also undergoing an upgrade from the era of big data to the era of green data, efficient data and intelligent data. In this process, the role played by data centres in the social economy is becoming more and more important.

Vision REVO lithium-ion system solution

Hailed by the industry as the lithium battery that understands UPS best, Vision REVO has rapidly spread to the data centre industry, helping the industry to upgrade and transform, and making positive contributions to the achievement of the double carbon goal (carbon peak and carbon neutral).

Vision REVO lithium-ion system solution is intelligent, modular and green. It adopts the self-developed LFP lithium iron phosphate high multiplier core, which has the characteristics of high energy density, small footprint, high discharge efficiency, long cycle life, long float charge life and small capacity loss in fast discharge. It has unique advantages in scenarios requiring high space size for the site.

Time saving: simple installation and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Land saving: modular rack design, small footprint for storage.

Save heart: intelligent and predictable operation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring, safe and reliable.

Save money: easy installation and low cost, small loss of intelligent operation and maintenance. Long battery life, lower TCO than lead-acid.

Vision Battery will continue to innovate and operate with craftsmanship to create greener, minimalist, intelligent and secure product solutions to help the data centre industry save energy and reduce carbon.

Recently, the General Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government issued "Shenzhen Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Green and Low-Carbon Industries" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures").

The Measures clearly focus on supporting six major areas, including clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, ecology and environment, green upgrading of infrastructure and green low-carbon services. It also states that the construction of virtual power plants will be accelerated. The intelligent transformation of scenarios such as 5G communication base stations, charging stations, building air conditioners, cold stations and data centres will be given a certain percentage of financial funding support based on equipment investment after evaluation. It is worth noting that the Measures further specify that the green transformation of the digital industry should be promoted.

The Measures emphasise supporting the construction of green data centres, promoting the energy-saving and carbon-reducing transformation of stock data centres, and accelerating the application of advanced energy-saving technologies in refrigeration such as cold sources, proximal cooling and liquid cooling in the construction of green data centres. Create zero-carbon data centre demonstrations and provide incentives for national, provincial and municipal green data centres.