Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission energy department leaders visit Vision Group

Jun 5, 2023

Recently, Gong Xiangjing, Deputy Director of the Energy Department of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Zhang Yiying, Secretary General of Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Association, visited Vision Battery for a visit and exchange. Mr. Chen Hong, General Manager of Vision Hydrogen Energy, Mr. Hu Mingxiang, General Manager of Shenzhen Pangu Sodium Xiang Company, and the persons in charge of relevant departments accompanied the reception.

Director Gong and his companions visited Vision Group's exhibition hall, production workshop, R&D and testing centre, etc. The lecturer gave a detailed introduction to the Vision hydrogen power reactor workshop, facilities and equipment, quality inspection system, cathode and anode plate process and automated dispensing from five aspects: human, machine, material, method and environment, mainly from the enterprise quality system, reactor production process and membrane electrode characteristics.

During the seminar, the person in charge of our company shared the development history of Vision Group, as well as the layout and future development plan of lithium, hydrogen and sodium segments. After listening carefully, Director Gong expressed his recognition of Vision 's industrial layout, development strategy, technical strength and technical reserves. Shenzhen is vigorously developing new energy storage, new materials and other industries, and has issued a series of relevant industrial support policies. Director Gong said: Vision Group 's main business is highly integrated with Shenzhen's development, and he hopes that all kinds of projects can "land quickly and achieve early results", seize the opportunities of industrial development and collaborate with industrial development.

Vision Group 's industrial layout and development strategy are in line with the development goals of Shenzhen's new energy industry cluster. In the future, Vision Group will continue to carry out R&D innovation, accelerate the commercialization process, add new momentum to the development of new energy in South China, and promote the prosperous development of the lithium, hydrogen and sodium industry ecology.