Set the direction! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the direction of industrial development of new energy storage batteries (lithium-ion batteries / hydrogen storage / fuel cells) and other

Aug 29, 2022

On August 25, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "guidance on promoting the development of energy electronics industry (draft for comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). The "Guidance" proposed: to enhance solar photovoltaic and new energy storage battery supply capacity is an important direction, and clear lithium-ion batteries and lithium materials and equipment and other development direction.

The Guidance suggests supporting the application of new technologies and products in key end markets, and promoting the demonstration of advanced products and technologies. Diversified "intelligent photovoltaic + new energy storage" pilot demonstrations will be carried out, a number of national intelligent photovoltaic demonstration projects will be cultivated, and a number of benchmark enterprises providing integrated light and storage system solutions will be created.

Important elements are:

1 Lithium-ion batteries

Support the development of ultra-long life and high safety lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. Optimise the design and manufacturing process to improve the safety and economy of batteries throughout their life cycle in multiple dimensions, including materials, monomers and systems. Promote the development and application of polymer lithium-ion batteries, all-climate batteries, solid-state batteries and fast-charging batteries.

2 Lithium materials and equipment

Ensure the supply of high-performance lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and precursor materials, and improve the performance of single crystal high nickel, lithium iron manganese phosphate and other cathode materials. Improve the application level of graphite, lithium composite anode and other anode materials. Accelerate the industrialization and application of high-purity carbonate solvents for electrolytes and high-purity lithium hexafluorophosphate solutes. Improve the performance of high film-breaking and high bonding functional diaphragms. Breakthrough in high-efficiency equipment such as mixing, coating, winding and slitting.

3 Sodium ion batteries

Focus on low cost and high safety of batteries, strengthen the research of positive and negative materials such as hard carbon anode materials, electrolyte and other main materials and related auxiliary materials, develop efficient modular system integration technology, and accelerate the technological breakthrough and large-scale application of sodium ion batteries.

4 Hydrogen energy storage/fuel cell

Accelerate the research and development of high-efficiency hydrogen production technology, and promote the research and development of hydrogen storage materials, hydrogen storage containers and vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage systems. Breakthroughs in key fuel cell technologies such as electric stacks, bipolar plates, proton exchange membranes, catalysts and membrane electrode materials. Support the development and application of technology for the integration of systems such as hydrogen production, storage and combustion.

5 Battery system integration, testing and evaluation and recycling

Develop safe and efficient energy storage integration systems, improve refined management levels for cell decay and inconsistency, enhance efficient temperature control technologies for energy storage systems, and improve battery management system performance, usable capacity and system availability. Develop fully automated information-based production processes and equipment for batteries. Strengthen the development and application of multi-dimensional safety testing technology, thermal runaway safety warning technology and evaluation system for energy storage batteries, and breakthroughs in safe and efficient battery recycling and dismantling, gradual use and recycling technology.

Draft for comment

At present, global technology has entered a period of change from information technology to intelligence. Energy and technology changes are constantly pushing industry, automobiles and consumer terminals to upgrade in the direction of electrification and intelligence. The new energy industry has huge room for development.

With the concept of "Smart Energy Serving the World", Vision Group has been cultivating lithium batteries, fuel cells and other energy fields, and has been steadily building up its business volume year by year. In the recently released 2022 semi-annual report announcement, lithium battery revenue: 556 million yuan, an increase of 43.89% year-on-year, accounting for nearly one-third of the total revenue; fuel cell revenue: 44,664,800 yuan, an increase of 36.17% year-on-year, battery and materials play a stable role, achieving revenue of 1.099 billion yuan, an increase of 6.43% year-on-year.

Known as the industry's most knowledgeable lithium battery for UPS, Vision REVO has rapidly spread to the data centre industry, helping to upgrade and transform the industry and making a positive contribution to achieving the double carbon goal (carbon peak and carbon neutral).

The company's leading products have obtained product certifications from relevant importing countries and relevant supplier certifications. The company has obtained international certifications such as UL certification of the United States, CE certification of the European Union, VDS certification of Germany, battery directive, international IEC test certificate, EU RoHS certification, etc.; domestic certifications such as Thiel certification, Golden Sun certification, telecommunication equipment seismic performance testing certificate, China Electric Power Research Institute certification, etc.; through the approval of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, which confirms that the quality of the company's products has reached international level.

With the wave of the times, opportunities are emerging! Vision Group will continue to innovate, cultivate with dedication, find opportunities in the midst of changes, find outlets in the midst of challenges, and join hands with industry partners to make our world a better place.