Science & Technology Daily interview with Dr. Gani: Promoting Sino-German cooperation in science and technology by insisting on mutual benefits and win-win cooperation

Jan 4, 2023

Recently, Dr. Gani (Ge Xingfu), CTO of Vision Hydrogen, member of the German Academy of Engineering and consultant for the industrial development of Qingdao International Academician Port, was interviewed by Science and Technology Daily and his interview article "Prosperity of China Brings Opportunities for the All" was published and reprinted on the English website of The Belt and Road News Network, an alliance of news cooperation.

The article tells the story of Dr. Gani, a world-renowned expert in international engineering, who combined German machine building capabilities with Chinese digital technology to become an ambassador for win-win cooperation between Chinese and Western countries, helping to upgrade Vision Battery's hydrogen energy technology.

Dr. Gani delivers a keynote speech on "Hydrogen Energy Development under the Double Carbon Trend" at the GaoGong Hydrogen Annual Conference 2022

Dr. Gani came to China in 2006 and soon afterwards he chose to join Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. Co., Ltd. and became the industrial development consultant of Qingdao International Academia Park. Thanks to his previous experience in business and academia, he is able to take a more objective and in-depth view of China's development and its impact on the rest of the world.

"Dr. Gani said that on many important occasions he has called for dialogue and exchange between Germany and China and praised the role China has played in recent years in promoting global openness and cooperation.

With the help of Dr. Gani, Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. has a global vision of hydrogen energy and the improvement of industrial production technology will become a new benchmark for the industry.

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