Revo lithium battery solution: We know UPS!

Jul 21, 2020

Since its launch in 2017, Vision Revo lithium battery solution has been recognized by the market, users and the industry. It is known as the lithium battery solution that knows UPS best! It has been favored by domestic and foreign partners such as Schneider, Eaton, Vertiv, Kstar, East, etc.

Small body, large capacity

The data center covers a large area. In London, Singapore and Hong Kong, the battery area will affect the efficiency.

With the same configuration of 400KW load, 512v voltage and 15min backup time, compared with lead acid, reduces land occupation, optimizes volume and reduces total capacity demand.

The Revo series uses high rate LFP cells independently developed and produced by Vision. They have good consistency, cycle life up to 20 years, excellent high rate discharge performance, 100% cycle of 1C charge and discharge is no less than 4000 times, and the maximum support is 30C discharge.

Safe, efficient and smart

Frequent charging and discharging of lead-acid batteries can easily cause reactions such as softening of the active material, leading to failures such as swelling. In order to reduce failures, a lot of manpower needs to be invested in inspection and maintenance.

REVO series have four-level safety protection design, smart cloud monitoring, let the battery realize self-management, avoid daily inspections, and save large operation and maintenance costs!

Intelligent cloud monitoring: predictive operation and maintenance management, keeping track of the battery system SOC status, early warning analysis. Intelligent troubleshooting + online troubleshooting, support cloud services.

REVO in the eyes of customers

Our data center has limited space. The use of REVO lithium batteries replaces the previous lead-acid batteries, saving 70% of the floor space.

REVO lithium batteries have a much higher energy density than lead-acid batteries and takes up very little space. Installation and maintenance are very convenient and labor-saving. They respond quickly and the service is always very good, which makes me very satisfied!