REVO in Liangshan Prefecture

Apr 12, 2022

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture

Also known as Liangshan Prefecture

Beautiful scenery and varied landscapes

interspersed with mountains, valleys, plains, basins and hills

Excellent natural conditions
Rich in mineral resources
A rare "treasure trove" in China and the world
covers an area of 60,400 square kilometres
Over 30 million mu of forest area
30% of the province, equivalent to the size of Shenzhen

The Forest Fire

Such a natural and unadorned area
A region that has come to the forefront of public attention due to frequent forest fires
The "3.30" forest fire in Muli County in 2019
Coronation County fire in 2020
We lost 48 firefighters

The Ministry of Emergency Management stresses: strengthening duty and supervision and inspection to ensure that fire prevention responsibilities, vertical to the end and horizontal to the edge, do not leave dead ends.

Emergency management is characterised by high load, high pressure and high risk. Emergency management departments are on emergency duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and may face extreme situations and life and death tests at any time.

With the advent of the information age
Liangshan Prefecture Emergency Management Bureau prepares
Vigorously promote the construction and application of information technology
Using GIS, Internet of Things
cloud computing, big data and other technologies
Comprehensively enhance the effectiveness of emergency management monitoring and prevention
Enhance emergency rescue command capability

Vision REVO lithium system solutions

The Liangshan Emergency Management Command Center Project
Vision shares for its server room system construction Provide REVO series TPL100 (512V200AH) products

In the event of a power failure, the actual load designed by the customer is met without losing power for one hour, providing power security, while saving 70% of the space occupied by the customer and providing a foundation guarantee for later expansion construction.

Time saving: simple installation and intelligent operation and maintenance.
Land saving: modular rack design, small footprint for storage.
Save heart: intelligent and predictable operation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring, safe and reliable.
Save money: easy installation and low cost, small loss of intelligent operation and maintenance. Long battery life, lower TCO than lead-acid.

The best tribute to a hero
is to make sure that tragedy never happens again

The best tribute to a hero
is to make sure that tragedy never happens again

Vision REVO series will continue to with its fast response and stable security Help the emergency management department to protect Liangshan Prefecture

<Warm Tips>
Pay attention to forest fire prevention
Let tragedy never happen again