Official interpretation by the National Energy Administration: 8.7 million kilowatts of new energy storage have been put into operation nationwide, an increase of 110% year-on-year!

Feb 14, 2023

On February 13, the National Energy Administration held a routine press conference in Beijing to release the development of renewable energy in 2022 and introduce the progress of work related to the improvement of the renewable energy green power certificate system, the national new energy storage installation scale and the national electricity market trading scale, of which the key points about the energy storage part are as follows.


National new energy storage installation scale

I. The installed scale of new energy storage is growing at a faster pace. According to the data reported by the provincial energy authorities, by the end of 2022, the installed scale of new energy storage projects in operation nationwide reached 8.7 million kilowatts, with an average storage time of about 2.1 hours, an increase of more than 110% compared with the end of 2021.

2. mainly lithium-ion batteries, the diversified development of new energy storage technology is obvious. By the end of 2022, the national new energy storage installation, lithium-ion battery energy storage accounted for 94.5%, compressed air energy storage 2.0%, liquid flow battery energy storage 1.6%, lead-acid (carbon) battery energy storage 1.7%, other technical routes 0.2%. From the point of view of new installed technology in 2022, lithium-ion battery energy storage technology accounted for 94.2%, still in the absolute dominant position, new compressed air energy storage, liquid flow battery energy storage technology accounted for 3.4%, 2.3%, accounting for a significant increase in the growth rate. In addition, flywheel, gravity, sodium ion and many other energy storage technologies have also entered the engineering demonstration stage.


Interpretation of the growth of the national installed capacity of new energy storage

Firstly, the proposed carbon neutral target of carbon peaking has created a good opportunity for the rapid development of energy storage.

Second, the top-level design to support the development of the technology industry has been improved, laying the policy foundation for the rapid development of new energy storage.

Thirdly, the new energy storage features complement traditional energy storage technologies, giving more options for the construction of new power systems. Compared to traditional pumped storage, new energy storage is flexible in site selection, short in construction cycle, fast and flexible in response, and diversified in application scenarios, which can form a complementary advantage with pumped storage and solve the problems of strong randomness and high volatility brought by new energy access to the power system in different scenarios.

Fourth, technological breakthroughs and economic improvements have further created favourable conditions for the rapid development of new energy storage. The new energy storage industry as a whole is in the transitional stage of R&D demonstration to the early stage of commercialisation, and gradually forming an industrialised system.

Fifth, local governments and various market players are highly motivated to develop and build new energy storage, which has injected vitality into the rapid development of new energy storage.


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