MIIT 362 batch public notice: Vision Hydrogen fuel cell supporting two models

Sep 19, 2022

Vision Hydrogen fuel cell supporting two vehicles.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a public announcement of the proposed content of the "Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and Product Announcement" (362nd batch). The declaration of fuel cell vehicle class a total of 20 vehicle enterprises, 61 product models, of which, Vision hydrogen fuel cell team supporting two vehicles.

Higer Fuel Cell Low Entry City Bus Type KLQ6106GAFCEV10

Zhongzhen Hanjiang Fuel Cell Sprinkler Model HJZ5180GSSEQFCEV

In terms of product types, the 61 fuel cell products involved in the declaration have five types of declarations, with the highest proportion of automotive chassis, ranking first with 20 models; 16 fuel cell buses; 11 fuel cell heavy trucks; and 7 fuel cell sanitation vehicles and logistics vehicles.