Media Interview: Vision Stock Empowers Industry Development with Technology

Sep 14, 2023

Recently, Dr Chen Hong, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Vision Group, was interviewed by Jingpao Media, and the video of the interview was included in the series of "Kunpeng Zhi-Talent"; the article of the interview, "[Shenzhen Character] Chen Hong: Creating Hydrogen Fuel Cells that Users Can Afford and Feel Safe About" was issued by the public number of Shenzhen Publishing, and then was forwarded by the media, such as "AiDaPeng", "Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Association", and so on.

Self-innovation and rapid growth

Hydrogen's cleanliness and unlimited renewability are the two key advantages of hydrogen energy in mobile mobility applications. Aiming at the development prospect of hydrogen energy, Vision, which has been ploughing into the battery field for nearly 30 years, started to prospectively layout the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells in 2014.

Nowadays, Vision has invested and established hydrogen energy bases in many places across the country, and has grown into a Chinese company with a complete industrial chain of domestically-produced hydrogen fuel cells through reasonable industrial planning and investment layout.

We decided to take the road of independent research and development after we investigated through global cooperation and investment. In order to attack the core technology of hydrogen fuel cells, Vision invests hundreds of millions of yuan every year, introduces the technical team of overseas returning entrepreneurs, and sets up and completes its own R&D and operation team in 2017. You have to innovate independently, otherwise you will be constrained by others. This is a difficult but right path.

--Dr Chen Hong

In addition, we have self-developed key components, such as the injection cycle system and the hydrogen-lithium combination products, etc.; we have realised sustainable cost reduction and hydrogen consumption reduction of our products. In addition, Vision Hydrogen integrates the whole control system of the fuel cell to make a whole set of controllers, which greatly improves the integration, reliability and safety, and at the same time plays a role in cost reduction.

On the one hand, we improve the core technical performance indexes such as stack volume and power density by 20-30% every year, and run forward desperately by technological progress; on the other hand, we make the cost drop by about 30% every year through mass production technology. The purpose of this move is to pull the industrial chain to reduce costs and instil confidence in the industry.

--Dr Chen Hong