Jia Ba Jing (Vision Battery) electric car and smart lithium battery rental, you deserve to be the first to experience!

Jan 30, 2019
Jia Ba Jing (Vision Battery) electric car and smart lithium battery rental, you deserve to be the first to experience!
Many people with electric vehicles have such troubles. Thieves not only steal batteries, but sometimes they don't leave you with electric cars. Electric cars can only be misappropriated if they are stolen. There are very few possibilities to recover.
For theft, Jia Ba Jing (Vision Battery) fundamentally solves your worries. Jia Ba Jing (Vision Battery)'s new electric car + battery rental mode, with dual GPS for batteries and electric vehicles, protect your electric car + battery, and fully protect your property.
GPS is loaded on the battery, only need to open the mobile phone APP, in the monitoring interface, you can feedback the internal data of the electric vehicle battery temperature, humidity, voltage, etc. in real time, easily understand the battery "physical condition", when to charge, use the data to give you intuitive feedback The owner no longer has to worry about running out of power on the way! Of course, this GPS can play a big role in addition to the usual, and it is absolutely unambiguous in the face of thieves. After the battery is stolen, the battery movement track can be tracked on the mobile phone APP and the remote stop discharge operation can be performed in time. The thief is running to the end of the earth, and we also get it back to you. The GPS is loaded on the electric car to prevent the stolen person from being lucky, leaving the battery with GPS to go down the electric car.
The Jia Ba Jing electric car is equipped with a lithium battery independently developed by Vision Battery. According to the road conditions and the environment, it can last for 120-150 kilometers per charge. It is especially for the take-away deliveryman. Affect the quality of the dispatch. Some people may ask, often see the lithium battery of the electric car has a problem, is your lithium battery safe? In response to this problem, through the GPS carried on the battery, the battery data can be tracked in the background of the mobile APP, and the remote alarm can be remotely detected while the fault occurs, and the security concerns of the consumer can be eliminated. After the customer feedback, the stolen electric vehicles were all recovered, and the market response was very good. Many customers have requested to increase cooperation with Jia Ba Jing (Vision Battery).
Recently recovered the stolen electric car case:
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