January Energy Storage Policy Summary: Focus on Electricity Market and Energy Storage Development Planning

Feb 21, 2023

According to incomplete statistics, in January 2023, a total of 80 related to energy storage industry planning and development advice, power market, energy storage materials and other types of policies promulgated. January energy storage policy focus on the power market and energy storage development planning, excerpts of some key policies are as follows, quickly see if there is your city it!


Blue Book on the Development of New Electricity Systems (Draft for Comments)

January 6 (National Energy Board) Strengthen the construction of large-scale energy storage layout application system. 2030 to 2045, a major breakthrough in large-scale long-time energy storage technology to meet the above-day balancing and regulation needs. 2045 to 2060, electricity storage, heat storage, gas storage, hydrogen storage and other multi-type energy storage covering the full cycle of synergistic operation, the power system to achieve dynamic balance, energy system operational flexibility significantly The energy storage system will be dynamically balanced and the operational flexibility of the energy system will be greatly enhanced. The focus will be on system-friendly "new energy + energy storage" power stations, base-based new energy development and transmission, and other modes of rational layout of new energy storage on the power supply side to accelerate the reliable replacement of new energy. Fully combine system demand and technical economy, co-ordinate the layout of grid-side independent energy storage and grid function alternative energy storage to ensure reliable power supply. Actively promote the integration of power source, network, load and storage construction mode, and flexibly develop new energy storage on the user side to improve the reliability of power supply and the quality of energy used by users. Strengthen the coordination and scheduling of source-grid, load and storage, and explore the safety and co-management mechanism of source-grid, load and storage to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system.

Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Electronics Industry

January 17 (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other six departments) Strengthen the industrialization of new energy storage battery technology research and development, and promote the large-scale application of advanced energy storage technology and products. Promote hybrid energy storage systems based on superior complementary power-based and energy-based electrochemical energy storage technologies. Support the establishment of a full life-cycle traceability management platform for lithium batteries, etc., conduct research on battery carbon footprint accounting standards and methods, and explore the establishment of a carbon emission management system for battery products. Develop safe and efficient energy storage integrated systems, improve refined management levels for cell decay and inconsistency, enhance efficient temperature control technologies for energy storage systems, and improve battery management system performance, usable capacity and system availability. Develop fully automated information-based production processes and equipment for batteries. Strengthen the development and application of multi-dimensional safety testing technologies, thermal runaway safety warning technologies and evaluation systems for energy storage batteries, and breakthroughs in safe and efficient battery recycling and dismantling, gradual use and recycling technologies.

Highlights of Energy Regulatory Work in 2023

January 18 (National Energy Administration) Continuously expand the scale of new energy participation in market-based transactions, continuously narrow the scope of power purchase by grid enterprises as agents, and promote more direct participation in transactions by industrial and commercial users. Accelerate the construction of the auxiliary services market, establish a special working mechanism for the electricity auxiliary services market, study and formulate the price approach for electricity auxiliary services, establish and improve the sharing mechanism for auxiliary services with the participation of users, promote the marketization of frequency regulation, standby and other varieties, and continuously guide new types of subjects such as virtual power plants and new types of energy storage to participate in system regulation. Continuously improve the level of safety management at construction sites of electric power projects, strengthen the "four no's and two no's" supervision and inspection of projects such as thermal power, new energy, pumped storage, energy storage power plants and important power transmission and transformation projects, standardize the quality supervision of electric power construction projects and make efforts to prevent and curb major construction safety accidents.

Notice on the Arrangement of Energy Resources Conservation and Eco-environmental Protection Work in Public Institutions in 2023

January 16 (NCA) Continuing to optimize the structure of energy consumption. Implement coal consumption substitution in an orderly manner, accelerate the electrification of end-use energy, increase the use of renewable energy and the application of heat pumps and high-efficiency energy storage technologies, and encourage market-based approaches to promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic and solar thermal projects. Promote the use of new energy vehicles, moderately increase the proportion of new energy vehicles equipped and the number of charging infrastructure requirements, issue "Guidelines for the Construction and Operation of New Energy Vehicle Charging and Switching Facilities in Public Institutions", and regulate and strengthen the construction of charging infrastructure.

Inner Mongolia

Notice on the Issuance of the Second List of Green Power Supply Projects in Industrial Parks

January 5 (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Energy Bureau) Power grid enterprises shall reasonably arrange the timing of the construction of connection projects for green power supply projects in industrial parks and do a good job of reviewing the connection of projects to the grid. For projects that are not built according to the declared plan and approved (for the record) requirements, and for which key technical indicators such as energy storage configuration and independent peak regulation level do not meet the requirements of the implementation rules for green power supply projects in industrial parks in the autonomous region, and for which the new load has not been fully put into operation, they shall not handle the procedures for grid connection and power generation.

Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Vision for Inner Mongolia's Hellinger New Area

January 10, Inner Mongolia (He Lingle New Area Management Committee) around the autonomous region to develop wind power, photovoltaic, solar thermal, thermal power and other clean energy, the implementation of complementary power generation, distributed photovoltaic power generation and other key projects. Vigorously develop power batteries, energy storage power stations, charging facilities, hydrogen energy storage and transportation and other industries. Actively lay out the hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industries. Create a car charging pile industry chain that integrates equipment manufacturing and operation and maintenance. Focusing on clean energy "generation, transmission, distribution, use and storage" and other aspects, focus on the development of intelligent transformers, rectifiers and inductors, intelligent transmission and distribution and control equipment, intelligent grid control products, terminal intelligent power metering equipment, and new energy micro-grid-related equipment.

Notice on the Policy List for Promoting High-Quality Industrial Development by Adhering to the Steady and Fast Progress in 2023

January 19 (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government) Support eligible new energy power sources and supporting transmission projects to be connected to the grid upon completion, and open up green approval channels for new energy supporting transmission projects incorporated into relevant plans. Support new source-grid-load-storage integration projects with new energy scale, support renewable energy replacement of coal-fired captive power plants in industrial parks, encourage flexibility transformation of coal-fired units, and encourage self-built or purchased energy storage or peaking capacity with new energy projects. For the integration project of hydrogen production in the scenery included in the demonstration, the scale of new energy will be reasonably allocated according to the amount of electricity required for hydrogen production. Issue new energy vehicle number plates for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Highlights of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Efforts to Promote Industrial Optimization and Upgrading for High-Quality Economic Development in 2023

January 29 (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government) The main points pointed out that the construction of new energy projects should be accelerated, and the construction of projects such as source network, load storage, thermal power flexibility transformation, green power supply in parks and hydrogen production in scenery should be pushed forward in 2022 and to be implemented, striving for new energy investment of more than 150 billion yuan in 2023. It is also necessary to enhance the capacity of new energy consumption, study and develop measures for large-scale new energy consumption, promote the participation of self-provided power plants in peaking, promote the use of new types of energy storage, make room for peaking in the power grid, and enhance the capacity of new energy consumption, so that the scale of new energy connected to the grid will exceed 25 million kilowatts throughout the year. In addition, we will promote the construction of industrial clusters and industrial chains, in accordance with the requirement of promoting a batch of mature ones, combining with national industrial policies, and in line with the principle of making up for shortcomings and strengthening weaknesses, we will plan to promote the second batch of key industrial chains such as hydrogen energy and energy storage.


Three-year Action Plan (2023-2025) for Building a Green, Low-Carbon and High-Quality Development Advance Zone in Shandong Province

January 3 (Shandong Provincial People's Government) Accelerate the construction of pumped storage power stations, vigorously promote Wendeng, Weifang, Tai'an II and other projects, carry out preliminary work for projects such as Zaozhuang Zhuangli, Wulian Street and Laiwu Shipyard, and implement a census of resources and project reserves for small and medium-sized pumped storage sites. Upgrade the level of new energy storage applications, accelerate innovation in energy storage technology, application scenarios and business models, promote energy-based lithium batteries, compressed air and other advanced energy storage technologies, and implement a number of new energy storage demonstration projects in key areas such as large-scale scenic base access points and extra-high voltage landing points. Explore pilot projects for the production of green hydrogen from scenery power generation. By 2025, the installed capacity of pumped storage power plants under construction and in operation will reach 8 million kilowatts, and the scale of new energy storage will reach about 5 million kilowatts.


Opinions on Promoting High-Quality Development of Photovoltaic Industry in Tibet Autonomous Region

January 16 (Tibet Development and Reform Commission) The guaranteed grid-connected projects will be carried out by the energy authorities of the autonomous region in conjunction with power grid enterprises, taking into account factors such as the space for new energy consumption and grid-connected conditions in various places (cities), and arranging new projects in accordance with no less than 25% of the maximum electricity load increment in the region in the previous year, with the scale of energy storage configured at no less than 20% of the installed capacity of the project and the length of energy storage at no less than 4 hours. New energy storage capacity according to the photovoltaic record capacity of 20%, energy storage length of 4 hours configuration, scored 5 points. For each additional hour of energy storage on this basis, 1 point will be added until full marks are awarded.


The 14th Five-Year Plan for Green Energy Development in Yunnan Province

January 7 (Yunnan Energy Bureau) To actively promote the development of hydropower, accelerate the layout of "wind, water, fire and storage" multi-energy complementary base, strengthen demand-side management, accelerate the construction of intelligent energy, coordinate the energy "production, supply, storage and marketing" resource allocation in all aspects, accelerate the The construction of "source, network, load and storage integration" and the construction of a new type of power system.

Kunming City Work Plan for Accelerating the Establishment of a Sound Green, Low-Carbon and Circular Economic System

January 18 (Kunming Municipal People's Government) Key tasks include developing and growing 3 growth poles of photovoltaic, green manufacturing and smart grid equipment, hydrogen energy and energy storage industry chain, exploring and promoting new areas of green energy applications such as hydrogen refuelling stations and energy storage power stations. Cultivate a number of green industry demonstrations in the fields of clean energy, new energy batteries, energy conservation and environmental protection, and resource recycling. Actively promote the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and vessels in public transport. Develop green urban freight distribution, and promote the use of new energy and clean energy vehicles as a priority in urban logistics, postal delivery and other areas.

Implementation Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Kunming

January 18 (Kunming Municipal People's Government) To promote energy-saving and clean energy transportation equipment, increase the proportion of new energy vehicles used in urban public transport, rental cars, logistics and distribution. By 2025, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the field of urban public transport and rental cars (including net cars) will reach 50% and 35% respectively. Encourage the use of new energy vehicles in public institutions, new and updated official vehicles and official travel leasing vehicles in public institutions at all levels in the city, except for new energy vehicles that cannot meet functional needs, all use new energy vehicles. Increase the number of dedicated parking spaces and charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles, and encourage conditional units to open their charging infrastructure to the community.


Luoyang City 14th Five-Year Plan on Modern Energy System and Carbon Neutrality

January 9 (Luoyang Municipal People's Government) By 2025, 700,000 kilowatts of new energy storage will be installed in the 14th Five-Year Plan. Coordinate the development of a high proportion of new energy systems and the safe and stable supply of electricity, enhance the ability of the power system to allocate clean energy resources, promote intelligent and flat scheduling operations, and improve the new energy grid friendliness and power support capabilities. Integrate and optimize regional power-side, grid-side and load-side resources, reasonably allocate energy storage, and explore the construction of a new power system development model with a high degree of integration of "source, grid, load and storage", supported by advanced technology breakthroughs and institutional mechanism innovation. Demonstrate demand-side response projects such as customer-side energy storage and electric vehicles, and strive to form a demand-side response capacity of more than 5% of the maximum load. Further enhance the level of information and intelligence of the energy system.

Xinxiang City's "14th Five-Year Plan" for a New Open Economic System and the Construction of a Strong Open City

January 28 (Xinxiang Municipal People's Government) Introduce high-end elements of advanced manufacturing industries, focus on batteries and new energy, biology and new medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology and other emerging industries, focus on weak links, missing links, key supporting links, introduce a number of leading flagship enterprises and projects with strong driving effects, and promote the scale, clustering and high-end development of related industries. Focusing on future industries such as hydrogen energy and energy storage, genetic engineering, etc., a number of high-growth technology-based enterprises and major platforms will be prospectively attracted, with key common technologies, leading-edge technologies, modern engineering technologies and disruptive technology innovation as breakthroughs.

Xinxiang 14th Five-Year Plan for Modern Energy System and Carbon Neutrality

January 28 (Xinxiang Municipal People's Government) Vigorously develop the large-scale application of energy storage industry, innovate and expand the application scenarios of new energy storage industry, and promote the large-scale development of new energy storage industry. Accelerate the promotion of new energy storage diversified technology and equipment research and development, cultivate and grow new energy storage manufacturing industries such as energy storage batteries, energy storage intelligent control and energy storage materials. Focus on relying on the backbone enterprises such as Tianli Lithium Energy and Chuangli New Energy, organize the research and development of key technologies such as cascade high-voltage access lithium battery energy storage, high-capacity supercapacitor energy storage, high-temperature superconducting energy storage, high-efficiency lithium battery anode materials, accelerate the promotion of lithium batteries, iron-nickel batteries and other equipment industries to scale and high-end development, encourage various energy enterprises to explore the combination of energy storage and enterprise production in the development zone, and make good use of the wrong front with electricity policy.


Hunan Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Carbon Peak Implementation Plan

January 16 (Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology) Promote clean energy alternatives. Encourage enterprises to participate in the development and construction of renewable energy and energy storage systems such as photovoltaic, wind power, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy, and increase the proportion of renewable energy applications. Support enterprises to participate in the construction of microgrids that mainly consume renewable energy, encourage and guide non-ferrous metal enterprises to consume renewable energy through green power trading, purchase of green power certificates, etc. Support enterprises with conditions to carry out the construction of self-provided power plants such as "photovoltaic + energy storage", and encourage enterprises to build clean energy utilization projects such as hydrogen, geothermal energy and biomass energy.


Guizhou Province Energy Sector Carbon Peak Implementation Plan

January 3 (Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau) Promote the development of energy storage on the power supply side, grid side and user side to ensure the safe and stable operation of new energy consumption and electricity. Accelerate the promotion of large-scale pumped storage power plants that have been included in the planning and mature conditions to start construction; accelerate the application of new energy storage on a large scale, promote the construction of new centralized new energy storage in accordance with relevant regulations, support the reasonable configuration of distributed new energy storage systems; fully exploit the power demand-side response capability, guide enterprises to participate in system regulation such as self-provided power plants and industrial controllable loads. By 2025, the scale of new energy storage installations will reach 1 million kilowatts; by 2030, the scale of new energy storage installations under construction and in operation will strive to reach about 4 million kilowatts.

Guizhou Province Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in Urban and Rural Construction

January 9 (Guizhou Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Provincial Development and Reform Commission) Encourage the selection of new energy vehicles and promote the construction of community charging and switching facilities; promote the application of technologies such as smart microgrids, "light storage and direct flexibility", cold storage and heat storage, flexible load regulation and virtual power plants, give priority to the consumption of renewable energy power and actively participate in power demand-side response. Exploring intelligent group control technology for building electricity equipment, and reasonably deploying electricity load and realizing less or no increase in electricity capacity under the premise of meeting electricity demand.

Notice on the Declaration of Guizhou Province's "14th Five-Year Plan" New Energy Storage Pilot Project

January 12 (Guizhou Energy Bureau) The layout of the project will help new energy development and consumption and enhance the regulation capacity of conventional power sources; combined with the grid structure, it can improve the overall regulation capacity of the power system in key nodes of the grid, transmission and substation expansion and upgrading difficulties and areas prone to extreme natural disasters. The types of projects declared include but are not limited to electrochemical energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, etc.

Implementation Plan for Promoting the Construction of Charging Infrastructure in Residential Communities in Guizhou Province (Draft for Comments)

January 10 (Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau) To enhance the charging guarantee capacity of electric vehicles, promote the promotion and application of electric vehicles in the province, realize 100% of parking spaces in new residential communities are equipped with charging infrastructure or reserved for installation, and actively promote the construction of charging infrastructure in existing residential communities. Strengthen the supervision of the planning, design, construction and acceptance of new residential communities to ensure that 100% of new residential communities are equipped with charging infrastructure or reserved for the installation of charging infrastructure in accordance with their parking spaces.

Implementation Plan for the Compulsory Inspection of Electric Vehicle Charging Piles in Guiyang Guian

January 12 (Guiyang Municipal Administration of Market Supervision) Strive to achieve full coverage of mandatory testing of charging piles by the end of 2025. Implement mandatory pre-operational testing for newly installed charging piles after 1 January 2023 to achieve incremental dynamic clearance; implement sample testing for charging piles built and put into operation in the city before 31 December 2022 according to the testing cycle, aiming to achieve basic clearance of the stock within three years.


Guiding Opinions on the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry

January 3 (Gansu Provincial People's Government) Actively promote demonstration applications in the field of energy storage. The demonstration project will focus on the layout of large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production and storage integration in the west of Hebei region, cultivate the integration application mode of "scenery power generation + hydrogen storage", explore the commercial operation mode of hydrogen storage and fluctuating renewable energy power generation in coordination, and compare Study the technical characteristics and economics of hydrogen energy storage and other energy storage methods such as battery energy storage and molten salt energy storage alone or in combination. Lay out demonstration applications of hydrogen energy in industry, transportation, energy storage, power generation, etc.

Gansu Province Electricity Auxiliary Services Market Operation Rules (for Trial Implementation)

January 5 (Gansu Energy Regulatory Office of the National Energy Administration) According to the operation mode and role of grid-side energy storage, it will be divided into independent energy storage and independent shared energy storage, with both entry thresholds of 10MW/20MWh and above. For peak capacity market transactions, the upper limit of the declaration and compensation standard is temporarily implemented at 300 RMB/(MW-day), using the model of "unilateral bidding, marginal clearing and staged settlement". The upper and lower limits of the agreed peak-shaving response price are 0-1000 RMB/MW-h; the agreed valley-filling response price is 0-500 RMB/MW-h; the upper and lower limits of the emergency peak-shaving response price are 0-1500 RMB/MW-h; the upper and lower limits of the emergency valley-filling response price are 0-750 RMB/MW-h.


Basic Rules of Zhejiang Electricity Spot Market (Draft for Comments)

January 3 (Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission) According to the electricity market operation and development needs, gradually explore the establishment of wind power, photovoltaic, pumped storage and independent energy storage to participate in the spot market approach. Market subjects include all kinds of power generation enterprises, power sales companies, market-oriented power users, independent auxiliary service providers, etc. Independent auxiliary service providers refer to independent energy storage plants, virtual power plants, load aggregators, etc., which have the ability to provide auxiliary services. Commercial and industrial users who have participated in the electricity spot market, or the peak-to-valley ratio of the time-sharing tariff of the medium- and long-term trading contract curve is not lower than the requirements of the current time-sharing tariff policy, will be executed according to the time-sharing tariff formed by the market. For commercial and industrial users who do not participate in the spot market, who have not declared their electricity consumption curves in the medium and long-term trading contracts, and who have declared their electricity consumption curves with peak-to-valley ratios lower than those required by the current time-sharing tariff policy, their electricity consumption prices will be executed in accordance with the time-sharing tariff periods and floating ratios stipulated in the current time-sharing tariff policy. Auxiliary services market and spot electricity energy market joint optimization clearing, determine the frequency regulation and other market-oriented auxiliary services prices. The prices of non-market-based ancillary services will continue to be implemented in accordance with the "two rules" and their supplementary provisions for the East China region.


Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Special Policy to Support the Development of New Energy Storage

January 16 (Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee) For projects such as user-side energy storage, distributed light storage, charging, switching and storage integration that are filed and completed and put into operation, a subsidy of 200 RMB/kWh will be given according to the installed scale of energy storage facilities, with the maximum subsidy for a single project not exceeding 5 million RMB. In addition, user-side energy storage projects involved in peak-shaving demand response can also enjoy subsidies, the subsidy standard is: peak load reduction × 10 yuan / kW / times × Chongqing City annual power demand-side response times. And the configuration of energy storage user enterprises, in the orderly use of electricity can enjoy "exempt from the implementation or back implementation" of the preferential treatment.


Sichuan Province Carbon Peaking Implementation Plan

January 5 (Sichuan Provincial People's Government) Increase the coordination of the allocation of new energy resources such as scenery and support the construction of "new energy + storage", source-grid-load-storage integration and multi-energy complementary, water-fire joint projects. Strengthen new infrastructure energy saving and carbon reduction. Coordinate and intensively build fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G), data centres and other high-energy-consuming information infrastructure, and avoid low-level duplication of construction. Adopt DC power supply, distributed energy storage, "photovoltaic + energy storage" and other modes to promote the construction of integrated light storage and charging stations. Give full play to the advantages of clean energy, focus on the development of clean energy, crystalline silicon photovoltaic, power batteries, vanadium and titanium, storage and other green low-carbon advantageous industries, support Yibin to build the "power battery capital", Suining to build the "lithium capital", Chengdu to build The "Green Hydrogen Capital".

Implementation Plan for Sichuan Province to Achieve Carbon Peak in the Energy Sector

January 11 (Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau) Accelerate the intelligent transformation of power grids to meet the demand for large-scale access to distributed power sources, energy storage systems, electric vehicles and other diversified subjects. Combine peak regulation demand, new energy development and water reuse in water conservancy projects, and scientifically lay out pumped storage and new energy storage projects in load centres and new energy centralized transmission sites. Implement demand-side management policies and measures, improve market mechanisms, and form a demand-side response capacity of 3% of the annual maximum electricity load in provincial power grids by 2025, with a basic response capacity of more than 5% of the peak load by 2030. Large-scale new energy storage technology research and development. Strengthen the research, demonstration and industrial application of new energy storage technologies such as large-capacity electrochemical and compressed gas, and develop key technologies such as molten salt energy storage for heat and power generation, flywheel energy storage and high-temperature phase change materials for heat storage. Carry out demonstration of intelligent operation and maintenance technology and application of 100 MW level plateau light storage power station.

The General Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot Program for the Expansion and Opening of the Service Industry in Chengdu

January 10, (State Ministry of Commerce) In the field of electricity and other energy services, promote the efficient use of clean energy and introduce incentive policies for social capital investment in the construction of standard charging and storage and hydrogen filling facilities. Explore the new energy vehicle mortgage guarantee assessment mechanism.

Implementation Plan for the Pilot Application of New Energy Vehicle Switching Mode in Chengdu

January 17 (Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology) To build a scientific and reasonable, balanced layout, intelligent and efficient power exchange service network, form an interconnected and co-located power exchange network system, and support the construction of a national demonstration city for the full electrification of vehicles in the public sector. By 2024, the city will have promoted a total of more than 30,000 new energy vehicles and built more than 500 power exchange stations. Optimise the industrial ecology. Encourage social capital to participate in the establishment of "battery banks", battery asset management companies and other large professional platform institutions, encourage the gradual utilization of retired power batteries, and improve the efficiency of the whole life cycle utilization of power batteries. Encourage financial institutions to launch credit and insurance products that are suitable for the development of the power exchange model. Strengthen energy interaction between new energy vehicles, power exchange stations and power grids (V2G), promote data interconnection and assist in peak-to-valley balancing in urban power grids.


Implementation Rules for the Xinjiang Medium and Long Term Electricity Market

January 4 (Xinjiang Supervision Office of the National Energy Administration) Market entities (power generation enterprises or power users) that own energy storage equipment (including electric storage and pumped storage, etc.) or have conditions for demand-side response (e.g. interruptible loads, new energy-friendly loads, aggregators, charging piles, etc.) may participate in market transactions as separate market entities. Power users have energy storage, or power users participate in demand-side response for specific time periods, and the resulting deviations in power are borne by the power users themselves. Actively promote time-sharing transactions. Time-sharing transactions will divide the 24-hour period into a number of time slots, with the electricity in each time slot as the subject of the transaction. After the spot market is launched, both parties to the transaction can independently negotiate the transaction curve, and the results of the transactions in each time slot will form the medium- and long-term contract curve for each market entity. Wholesale customers (including power purchase by grid agents), retail customers and power generation enterprises that meet the access conditions will be settled in accordance with the electricity tariff for each time period, and deviations will be executed in each time period. The specific settlement plan shall be proposed by the trading institution and reported to the Xinjiang Energy Supervision Office and the competent power authorities of the autonomous region for confirmation before issuance and implementation.

The 14th Five-Year Plan for Ecological Protection in Shacheng County

January 10 (Shacheng County People's Government) To vigorously develop clean energy. Further strengthen the clean energy industry, focus on transforming energy production and consumption patterns, and promote the transformation and upgrading of fossil energy. Accelerate the development of non-fossil energy, promote the construction of wind and solar power generation bases, actively develop distributed solar power and decentralized wind power, support the synergistic development of renewable energy and industrial, construction, transportation, agriculture, ecology and other industries and facilities, support the development of energy storage industry, and accelerate the promotion and application of new energy storage demonstration. Actively develop renewable energy microgrids and local area networks to improve the promotion and consumption capacity of renewable energy.


Anhui Province's 14th Five-Year Plan to Address Climate Change

January 5 (Anhui Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment) Study the establishment of a new energy storage price mechanism. Improve the implementation of green tariff policies such as differential tariffs, tiered tariffs, punitive tariffs, peak-to-valley tariffs and environmental tariffs for coal-fired units. Comprehensively clean up and cancel preferential tariffs for high energy-consuming and high-emission projects to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. Focus on the fields of new energy vehicles, smart networked vehicles and artificial intelligence, and accelerate the cultivation of world-class emerging industry clusters. Encourage the public to purchase small-emission vehicles, energy-saving and new-energy vehicles, and advocate carpooling to reduce empty seat rates. Actively promote the preliminary work of pumped storage power stations in Ningguo, Yuexi, Shitai and Huoshan to create a 10 million kilowatt green energy storage base. Strive to reach about 45 million kilowatts of installed renewable energy generation capacity in the province by 2025.


Notice on Optimization of Peak and Valley Split-Time Tariff Mechanism

January 4 (Ningxia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission) heating period, the implementation of clean heating tariff commercial and industrial electricity continue to implement the valley section extended 2 hours policy, extended 2 hours corresponding to the electricity used in accordance with the flat section 2/8 proportional conversion (direct access to the market of clean heating commercial and industrial users peak and valley hours with reference to the power grid enterprise agent to purchase electricity), and the implementation of the average electricity price of the valley section, valley transmission and distribution prices at 50% of the implementation. The peak and trough hours for agricultural production are adjusted as follows: peak hours: 7:00-9:00, 17:00-2:00; trough hours: 9:00-17:00; normal hours: 23:00-24:00, 0:00-7:00.


Zhuhai City Photovoltaic Power Development Plan (2022-2025)

January 3 (Guangdong Zhuhai Development and Reform Bureau) by 2025, the city's photovoltaic power generation new installed capacity of about 3.7 million kilowatts, of which, the coordinated development of centralized photovoltaic installed capacity of about 3.48 million kilowatts, supporting 348MW / 696MWh energy storage equipment. Combining the characteristics of Zhuhai's photovoltaic resource endowment, actively promote the construction of "light and storage integration". Zhuhai's centralised photovoltaic power plants should be configured with energy storage devices in accordance with "no less than 10% of the project's installed capacity and 2 hours of charging and discharging time" (if there are new requirements from the national energy authorities, the new requirements shall prevail), and energy storage batteries and other equipment should meet the relevant industry standards and be built simultaneously with the photovoltaic power plants.

Opinions on Strengthening the Layout and Construction of Data Centres

6 January (Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology) Promote the use of green energy-saving technologies for data centres. Promote the use of national green data centre technology products. Encourage data centres to adopt hot and cold channel sealing, blind sealing, DC inverter, indirect evaporative cooling, liquid cooling, AI algorithms, etc. to enhance the energy efficiency of cooling systems, explore the use of direct cooling (heat) supply from power plants, ice (water) storage cooling, etc. to improve the energy efficiency of large and super-large data centres Support the exploration of the use of lithium batteries, flywheel energy storage, hydrogen energy, solar energy, etc. as diversified energy storage and backup power supply devices for data centres, and strengthen the Promote the application of power battery gradient utilization products.

Several Measures to Support the Accelerated Development of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Industry in Shenzhen (Draft for Comments)

January 19 (Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission) breakthroughs in key core technologies, for sodium ion batteries, magnesium ion batteries, all-solid-state lithium batteries and other frontier key areas to carry out key technology research, a single project to be supported up to 10 million yuan. Encourage enterprises to cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions to carry out research and development reserves of cutting-edge energy storage technologies, with support for a single project not exceeding 3 million yuan. Layout and construction of a number of key laboratories, engineering research centres, enterprise technology centres, industrial innovation centres and manufacturing innovation centres for high safety, low cost and long-life energy storage battery development needs, with funding up to RMB 10 million. Support of up to RMB 30 million will be given to those approved as national key laboratories, national engineering research centres and other national innovation carriers.


Liaoning Province Electricity Market-based Trading Programme for 2023

January 7 (Liaoning Department of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission) Promote the construction of a market-based electricity demand response, improve the effective connection of time-sharing tariffs, peak and valley tariffs and time-sharing tariffs, study the participation of new market players such as energy storage power plants, charging piles (stations), virtual power plants, load aggregators and microgrids in electricity market transactions according to the needs of market development, and guide various market players to adjust flexibly and interact in multiple directions through price signals. Promote new market players to gradually achieve sustainable development through the market. Promote the diversified development of market players, improve the market operation mechanism of virtual power plants, guide independent energy storage and user-controllable loads to participate in real-time balancing of power grids, support the orderly and reliable supply of electricity, support emerging market players such as user-side energy storage, electric vehicle charging facilities and distributed power generation to participate in the power market, enrich the types of market players and trading varieties, and improve the construction of the power market system.


Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Support for Carbon Neutral Implementation Plan

January 18 (Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department) to strengthen new energy key technology research and development. To the efficient use of renewable energy, smart grid, hydrogen energy, energy storage as the core, integrated advantageous power deployment and implementation of major scientific and technological research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements projects, accelerate the breakthrough of high-efficiency low-cost solar cells, deep sea wind energy utilization, large-scale hydrogen production based on renewable energy, high power low-cost hydrogen fuel cells, renewable energy power generation and grid support control, ultra-long time energy storage and a number of key technology bottlenecks. Promote energy technology upgrading and structural adjustment in the province.

Policy Measures to Promote the Construction of a New Energy Capital

January 28 (Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Jiangsu Province) To promote the large-scale application of energy storage. Support the integration of photovoltaic and other new energy sources with energy storage facilities. For new energy storage power plants with an installed capacity of 1 MW or more, the investment body will be given an incentive of no more than 0.3 yuan/kWh based on the amount of discharge from the month following the commissioning of the power plant, with the incentive not exceeding 2 years in a row. Promote the construction of "light storage, charging, inspection and exchange" integrated charging demonstration projects. By giving priority to the consumption of photovoltaic, depositing the surplus into energy storage, putting it online after it is full, and charging and discharging energy storage at night and on day, the local consumption of storage is realized. Actively create diversified charging and switching scenarios to meet the electricity and travel needs of more electric vehicle owners.


Notice of the First Simulated Trial Run Programme of the Qinghai Electricity Spot Market

January 5 (Qinghai Energy Bureau) The first mock trial run of the Qinghai electricity spot market is proposed to be conducted from January 11-13, 2023. During the simulation trial run, the energy storage power plants will not participate in pricing and accept the electricity spot market price. Among them, energy storage plants, as a combination of electricity generation and consumption, will participate in the market by "quoting", making independent decisions on the quantity and price curves of the charging state (1-5 segments, charging when the spot price is lower than the quoted price) and the quantity and price curves of the discharging state (1-5 segments, discharging when the spot price is higher than the quoted price), storing the power state SOC, etc. Energy storage power stations compete with other market players on the same stage, and their declarations are included in the market clearing to invoke energy storage on the principle of economic optimum. During the simulated trial run, thermal power units and new energy sites declare their prices, with the lower limit of declaration temporarily set at RMB 40/MWh and the upper limit temporarily set at RMB 500/MWh.

Measures for the Management of Pumped Storage Energy in Qinghai Province (Provisional)

January 4 (Qinghai Energy Bureau) gathered key management links, from overall planning, resource survey, planning adjustment, implementation plan, approval plan, project configuration, project pre-production, project approval, approval change, start-up requirements, construction requirements, acceptance requirements, transformation and decommissioning, grid access, tariff formation, operation management, control requirements, water dispatch, management mechanism and other links, clarified the project construction management Specific requirements.

Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Qinghai Province (2022-2035)

January 12 (Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau) The energy sector will use hydrogen energy as an important means of energy storage, and can carry out demonstration of the integration of scenery and hydrogen storage, and efficient energy storage. Establish a new model for the integration of "scenery power generation + hydrogen storage", ways and means to improve the efficiency of the whole process of hydrogen storage power generation, and build a new type of power system. Actively develop flywheel energy storage, compressed air energy storage and other new energy storage methods, and organic combination with green hydrogen production, and gradually form a variety of energy storage technology such as pumped storage, electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen storage and other energy storage system integrated with each other.


Implementation Rules for Grid-connected Operation Management of Independent Energy Storage Power Plants in Shanxi (for Trial Implementation)

January 13 (Shanxi Energy Supervision Office of the National Energy Administration) These rules apply to independent energy storage power plants that are connected to the Shanxi power grid in accordance with national regulations and dispatched directly by provincial power dispatching agencies. Independent energy storage power plants dispatched by local (city) and county power dispatching agencies shall be implemented for reference. New energy supporting energy storage, user-side energy storage and other power-side energy storage that meet the technical conditions for independent grid-connected operation may voluntarily apply for conversion to independent energy storage power stations. The Management Rules contain a total of 43 provisions on the scheduling management, maintenance management, technical management, metering and settlement of independent energy storage power stations.

Implementation Rules for the Shanxi Positive Standby Auxiliary Services Market Trading (Draft for Comments)

January 13 (Shanxi Energy Supervision Office of the National Energy Administration) Standby market subjects include new types of energy storage power plants and virtual power plants that are directly transferred by provincial transfers. The minimum unit of declared price for standby capacity is RMB1/MW per hour, the minimum declared price is RMB0/MW per hour, and the maximum declared price is RMB20/MW per hour; the declared price range of the standby market is determined in five time periods; the price range for clearing out is consistent with the declared price range.

Implementation Opinions on the Complete and Accurate Implementation of the New Development Concept to Effectively Achieve Peak Carbon Neutrality

January 16 (CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee, Shanxi Provincial People's Government) actively develop pumped storage and new types of energy storage. The government will take advantage of Shanxi's hilly terrain and use pumped storage as an important foundation for building a new type of power system and a major direction of attack, speeding up the construction of pumped storage power stations such as Hunyuan and Yuanqu, and aiming to start more than 10 pumped storage projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan. Accelerate the scale of energy storage applications to promote pilot demonstrations of new types of energy storage such as electrochemical, compressed air, etc., strengthen the safety management of energy storage power plants, and strive to form 10 million kilowatts of energy storage capacity in 2025, which is basically compatible with new energy installations. Carry out source-grid-load-storage integration and multi-energy complementary demonstration, actively implement the stock "scenery-fire-storage integration", steadily promote the incremental "scenery-water (storage) integration", and explore the incremental "scenery-storage integration "The demonstration of low-carbon technologies will be accelerated. Accelerate the promotion and demonstration of low-carbon technologies. Support the technological research and development of enterprises in key industries, and accelerate the industrial application of advanced and applicable energy-saving and low-carbon technologies. Strengthen research, demonstration and industrial application of new energy storage technologies such as electrochemical and compressed air.

Shanxi Province Carbon Peaking Implementation Plan

January 9 (Shanxi Provincial People's Government) Actively develop pumped storage and new types of energy storage. Take advantage of the mountainous terrain of Shanxi, take pumped storage as an important basis and main direction for building new power systems, accelerate the construction of pumped storage power stations in Hunyuan and Yuanqu, actively promote the preliminary work of pumped storage energy projects included in the national plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan, and plan and build small and medium-sized pumped storage power stations according to local conditions. Accelerate the large-scale application of energy storage, strengthen the safety management of energy storage plants, promote pilot demonstrations of new types of energy storage such as electrochemical and compressed air, and strive to form 10 million kilowatts of energy storage capacity by 2025 that is basically compatible with new energy installations. Give full play to the source network, load and storage coordination and mutual agent capacity, carry out source network, load and storage integration and multi-energy complementary demonstration, actively implement the stock of "scenery and fire storage integration", steadily promote the incremental "scenery and water (storage) integration", explore incremental The "integration of wind and water storage".

The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Protection and Use of Natural Resources in Shanxi Province

January 10 (Shanxi Provincial People's Government) to enhance the installed scale of wind power, photovoltaic power generation, scientific and orderly development of hydropower, speed up the construction of pumped storage power stations such as Wuanqu, Hunyuan, etc., to promote the "integration of scenery and fire storage" "source network, load and storage integration" development, and gradually enhance the New energy consumption capacity. Planning and layout of hydrogen energy industrialization application demonstration projects, active development and utilization of geothermal resources, orderly promotion of the province's geothermal energy resources survey and evaluation, mapping out the distribution and resource base. Develop clean combined heat and power centralized heating, and develop regional biomass centralized heating in rural areas with biomass resources. Encourage coal enterprises to develop independently and jointly, and improve the level of "integration of coal mining and gas mining". Leveraging the national coal and aluminium co-mining regional policy, we aim to roll it out across the province.


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Carbon Peak Implementation Plan

January 30 (Guangxi Provincial People's Government) Accelerate the construction of new power systems, speed up the development and construction of national pumped storage planning sites, encourage the construction of additional hybrid pumped storage power stations in conventional hydropower stations with the necessary conditions, explore the construction of pilot small and medium-sized pumped storage power stations, and build a number of pumped storage power stations such as Nanning Pumped Storage Power Station. Accelerate the promotion and application of new energy storage, strengthen the safety management of energy storage plants, actively develop "new energy + energy storage", source-grid-load-storage integration and multi-energy complementarity, support the reasonable allocation of distributed new energy storage systems, and establish energy storage cost recovery mechanisms.


Construction Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Belt of South Central Hebei (2022-2025)

January 12 (Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission) in the key industrial transformation and upgrading actions proposed to support the backbone of leading enterprises such as Jinglong and JA to become bigger and stronger, consolidate and upgrade solar power generation equipment, actively develop solar thermal utilization equipment, accelerate the cultivation of new energy storage equipment, attack breakthroughs in the development of new high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and components and other key technologies, support the development of solar cells and testing equipment, solar thermal power collection The company will also support the development of solar cells and testing equipment, solar thermal power generation systems, high-performance power lithium batteries and other series of products, focus on promoting the demonstration of the application of solar energy products, and build a nationally important demonstration base for the research and development, manufacture and application of photovoltaic and solar thermal equipment. Carry out the development and utilization of hydrogen energy and promote the diversified development of new energy industries.