Invitation to Data World Centre London 2019, Vision Battery looks forward to meeting you

Feb 25, 2019
Invitation to Data World Centre London 2019, Vision Battery looks forward to meeting you
Exhibition time: March 12-13, 2019
Venue: ExCel London
Vision Battery Booth No: D655
Introduction to the exhibition: Data World Centre London is a free exhibition and conference for professional experts in the data center in the UK and Europe. It examines in detail the selection, outsourcing, construction and operation of data centers. In order to provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of new technologies, new products and new trends, more than a few forum meetings were held, including case studies from top UK companies and major outsourcing operators.
Wonderful look first
Vision Battery Lithium REVO Series
1. High safety performance, no fire, no explosion - the system adopts four-level safety protection design + active fire control strategy
2. Long life - 4C rate discharge / 1C charging system cycle not less than 1000 times, 1C rate discharge / 1C charging system cycle not less than 2500 times, system design life ≥ 15 years
3. High rate discharge performance - Conventional batteries support 5C high rate discharge, special batteries can support 30C rate discharge, high rate discharge performance ≥ 92%
4. Standard voaltage level - designed with standard 48V standard module, perfectly matched with lead-acid system voltage, can be seamlessly replaced
5. High intelligence - active management system, predictive operation and maintenance management, reducing operation and maintenance work, providing system security and reliability
6. High specific energy - the floor area is reduced by more than 50%, and the weight is reduced by more than 60%.
7. High compatibility - compatible with two/three-wire design, providing convenience
Enercloud Series Product(Smart Battery Solution)
1. Integrated design, intelligent monitoring, easy installation, saving installation cost by more than 30%
2. 7 * 24 hours online control, real-time feedback of the operation of each battery unit, providing battery abnormal warning
3. one-to-one balance, greatly improve the battery consistency during the operation process, effectively improve the battery system operating life
4. Support remote operation and maintenance management, saving more than 70% of operation and maintenance work
5. Predictive operation and maintenance management, big data management, comprehensive analysis, effective prediction of the overall status of the system
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