Industry Summit |Vision Group appeared at the 3rd GaoGong High-tech Hydrogen Power Industry Summit of 2021

Apr 29, 2021

On April 27-28, 2021, Shanghai, China, Vision HydraV, the subsidiary of Vision Group, was invited to attend the " the 3rd GaoGong High-tech Hydrogen Power Industry Summit of 2021". This summit brought together more than 600 elites from leading enterprises in the hydrogen energy industry and government agencies to discuss hydrogen energy technology and future development trends.

Hydrogen energy is hailed as the “ultimate energy” of the 21st century, and is also an important strategic direction of “carbon neutrality and carbon peaking”. The summit focused on topics such as "the new situation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen energy, a new round of leapfrog development of membrane electrodes, advanced technology and batch applications of molded composite graphite plate stacks, precision manufacturing of metal bipolar plates and market space" and other topics In-depth exchanges and discussions.

At the opening ceremony of the summit, Mr. Chen Hong, Vice President of Vision Group, was invited to give a speech and delivered a keynote speech on "Hydrogen Power Value Chain Expansion under the Internal Cycle Pattern" during the meeting.

Mr Chen Hong: The hydrogen energy industry is a hot industry with huge potential. This is an opportunity and a challenge too. Under this situation, only industry chain companies can actively use their own resource advantages and advanced industrial technology to build a virtuous cycle of the entire industry chain from top to bottom, in order to promote the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry. Vision Group is an outstanding representative among them. Its collaborative partners have carried out a comprehensive layout from hydrogen energy infrastructure construction, stacks and its key materials, system integration to downstream applications in multiple fields, involving Shenzhen, Wuhan, Datong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yangquan, Qingdao, Jingmen and other cities are powerful promoters of the high-quality development of the domestic hydrogen energy industry.

During the special round table dialogue at the opening ceremony, brainstorms unfolded fiercely. The topic of this discussion: Under the hydrogen energy demonstration city cluster, what are the corporate strategy and tactics? How to explore the emerging application scenarios of fuel cells? Mr. Chen Hong, Vice President of Vision Group, shared his valuable views.

At the awards dinner, Ms. Zhao Xiaoli, Vice President of Vision Group, was invited to give a speech, sharing her unique insights on sustainable development and industrial innovation and upgrading. At the same time, she shared her thought about the future: I believe that with the comprehensive coordination and joint efforts of partners in the ecosystem, the fuel cell industry will surely move faster and more steadily on the fast lane.

Vision Group across the three major battery systems of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, focusing on the deployment of hydrogen fuel cells. Among them, Vision HydraV has released: the country’s first 130kW hydrogen fuel engine compulsory inspection report, the first set of customer digital direct connection hydrogen energy supply and maintenance system, the country's first fully automatic stack production line, the country's first hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated station, the first 1000kg hydrogen refueling station in Hubei, the first batch of hydrogen energy 6*4 heavy trucks in the commercial operation area in the country, the first batch of hydrogen energy buses was put into operation (Wuhan, Datong, Guangzhou, Jingmen), the first batch of hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles in the country, the first batch of hydrogen energy AGVs in the country, the country's first hydrogen energy straddle carrier, the country's first hydrogen energy loading vehicle...

At present, Vision HydraV has invested and established subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Datong, Guangzhou, Yangquan, Qingdao and other places to promote the hydrogen energy industry. It now has 4 standard experiment and testing centers, directly invests in 7 industrial chain companies, and cooperates with the 5 industry research institutions, participating in the development of a variety of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and has more than 40 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle announcements.

As a global leader in fuel cell solutions, we will continue to use leading solutions, a complete industrial chain, and high-quality services to lead the industry to seize development opportunities, build a smart environmentally friendly hydrogen energy ecosystem, and strive to achieve the dual-carbon goal.