HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. from Vision Group's research project was approved by Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department as a key R&D project in the high-tech field in 2022

Jun 21, 2022

On June 21, Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department released the notice of "Provincial Science and Technology Department on the public announcement of the proposed projects of the 2022 annual key R&D plan in high-tech fields". Wuhan HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. declared "Development of intelligent high frequency silicon carbide controller for hydrogen fuel cell engine based on harmonic suppression technology" passed the expert selection and project defense process and was approved for establishment.

The Hubei Provincial Key Science and Technology Programme is designed to focus on the province's advantageous niche industries, focusing on five technology areas such as new generation information technology, advanced materials, digital technology, advanced manufacturing and new energy, to break through key technology issues affecting the development of the industry chain and provide strong scientific and technological support to accelerate the cultivation and formation of trillion-level industry clusters.

The objective of this project is to achieve the fusion design of multiple electronic control and power electronic components in the fuel cell engine system to form an integrated intelligent controller for high-power fuel cell engine applications; after completing the functional verification in the laboratory, to achieve the application verification from small batch to mass production in vehicles to form a mature integrated controller product.