Good news! Vision Vietnam base won the title of "Export enterprise with good reputation in 2020"

Aug 23, 2021

Recently, Vision Vietnam base stood out among many enterprises with brilliant sales performance, good corporate reputation and high-quality products and services, and won the title of "Export enterprise with good reputation in 2020".

Vietnam's national mainstream media, such as’ Tongnai Daily’, ‘Vietnam Labor Daily’, ‘Vietnam Industry and Commerce Daily’, ‘Vietnam Business Daily’, etc., reported this in detail at the first time.

Vision Vietnam base, covering an area of 75000 m2, has high-precision production line equipment and testing equipment, with a production capacity of 250000KVAH / month, about 1 million small batteries / month and 250000 large batteries / month. As the main overseas production base of Vision Group, since entering Vietnam in 2007, it has gradually emerged among many scientific and technological enterprises, made continuous breakthroughs and innovations, embarked on the road of development and growth, and become a leader in the industry.

Vision Vietnam Base

Green our earth, power your vision.Vision Vietnam base was rated as "Export enterprise with good reputation in 2020" by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam, which is the recognition of the strength and contribution of Vision Vietnam base by the Vietnamese government. Vision Group will continue to innovate and stabilize production, creating more new value for the industry and society!