Energy-intensive data centres to be phased out

Apr 18, 2023

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a notice on "Green Data Centre Government Procurement Requirements Standards (for Trial Implementation)", requiring state agencies, institutions and organisations at all levels to implement relevant procurement activities in accordance with the Requirements Standards when using financial funds to procure data centre-related equipment and operation and maintenance services. The standards will come into effect on 1 June 2023.

The Demand Standard sets out clear requirements for data centre PUE, renewable energy use, water consumption, etc. For example, the data centre PUE ratio will be no higher than 1.4 from June 2023 and no higher than 1.3 from 2025.

Green data centre construction is an imperative. According to IDC Circle, four data centre projects in Shaoguan have recently been approved, with an approval scale of over 20,000 racks (equivalent to 53,000 standard racks), focusing on 6-8KW high-density racks, with PUE values below 1.25, ushering in a "small spring" for the data centre industry in Shaoguan.

The development of global data centre construction is in full swing, while the impact on the environment is intensifying, so it is crucial to achieve intelligent and green development of data centres. Lithium batteries will become the "breakthrough" in data centre power supply system energy saving, and their technology development and evolution will play an important role in the overall control of data centre PUE.

Vision REVO lithium system solution

Hailed by the industry as the lithium battery that understands UPS best, Vision REVO series has rapidly spread to the data centre industry, helping the industry upgrade and transform, and making a positive contribution to the achievement of the double carbon goal (carbon peak and carbon neutral).

The Vision REVO lithium-ion system solution is intelligent, modular and green. It adopts the self-developed LFP lithium iron phosphate high multiplier core, which has the characteristics of high energy density, small footprint, high discharge efficiency, long cycle life, long float charge life and small capacity loss in fast discharge. It has unique advantages in scenarios requiring high space size for the site.

Application scenarios include, but are not limited to, data centres, backup rooms, government centres, people's banks, hospitals, medical companies, etc. No matter cold or hot, high mountain or flat land, Vision REVO can easily cope with it.

Looking ahead, Vision Battery will continue to innovate and operate with craftsmanship to create greener, simpler, smarter and safer product solutions to help the data centre industry save energy and reduce carbon.