Dr. Gao Pengran: The horizontal development of different application areas requires different solutions to deal with them

Jun 8, 2022

"The lateral development of different application areas requires different solutions to cope with them". Dr. Gao Pengran, Chief Engineer of Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd., presented his views on the application of hydrogen-fuelled power reactors at the launch of the W1.0 sheet metal reactor.

Dr. Gao Pengran: "I feel honoured that we are all gathered here today because of our determination to protect the environment and our confidence in the development of Vision Hydrogen Energy. The theme of this conference is Hydrogen Heart to the Future, I think you are all familiar with the A series graphite plate reactors we have already released, this release is a metal plate reactor, which is also a brand new series of products from Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd."

The following is a selection of presentations:

Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. W1.0 sheet metal power pile

W1.0 metal plate reactor has several features.

Self-hygroscopic, the cathode does not add humidity, the anode can reach 0%-100% humidity sensitivity, which is a performance we have developed specifically for passenger cars.

High volumetric power density, currently 5.4kW/L possible for W1.0 sheet metal reactors.

Low temperature start-up, with the requirement for low temperature cold start-up at -30°C achieved.

high insulation, with a stack insulation of 500MΩ@1000V, more than 500 times higher than the national standard.

Fast loading and unloading, loading and unloading speed can reach 50 kW/S, can achieve from idle speed to full load up to 2.4S.

For those who are more concerned about the size of the product, they will find that the W1.0 has reduced the size to the extreme.

Next, we would like to share the reasons for the development of this stack: we have received support from renowned domestic and international car manufacturers. We have carefully analysed and tested the demanding requirements put forward by the car manufacturers and put together a solution based on a forward development approach. A dozen versions of the solution were compared to arrive at the best possible solution. After simulating the design and repeated tests, the W1.0 sheet metal stack was successfully obtained.

The W1.0 sheet metal stack has a unique single cell structure with membrane electrodes in the middle and single cell monoliths on either side. The advantages are good consistency; meeting the requirements of vehicle tightening and facilitating after-sales service for vehicle companies; some performance of the different single cells can be obtained through big data monitoring as well as life prediction, enabling more levels of utilisation in the future.

The W1.0 metal plate reactor has a rigorous structural design with over 3000 components. These 3,000 components have been verified through repeated design simulations (fluid simulation, vibration simulation, etc.), assembly and testing by our powerful simulation team.

As a leading company in fuel cell reactors, Vision Hydrogen adopts a diversified product strategy. In addition to the new W1.0 metal plate reactor, the company has also achieved outstanding results in the development of graphite plate reactors, and has achieved batch supply.

Senergy Fuel Cell Technology A Series Electric Reactor

The A series of reactors is a graphite reactor that has undergone simulation of the flow field of the pole plate, optimization of the design of the end plate and simulation of the vibration and shock of the whole reactor to ensure its safety. The A series reactors are mainly used in applications up to 100kW.

The A2 power stack, which is under development, can reach a volumetric power density of 4.5kW/L and a power of 150-200kW, symbolising the needs of heavy-duty vehicles, and is expected to be released by the end of the year.

The unique structure, precise technology and careful and thoughtful consideration have brought the industry a technically exquisite product with full sincerity. We look forward to the new product entering the market, which will bring you some new carbon reduction perspectives and new low-carbon experiences, and better contribute to the future development of the industry.