Dr. Gao Pengran invited to attend the 12th China International New Energy Vehicle Conference 2022

Aug 8, 2022

The 12th China International New Energy Vehicle Conference 2022 was successfully held in Suzhou, China on August 4-5. Dr. Gao Pengran, Chief Engineer of Senergy Fuel Cell Technology, was invited to attend the conference and shared his keynote speech on "Exploring the development of fuel reactor based on single cell process". The conference gathered renowned experts and executives in the industry to exchange cutting-edge research technologies and discuss new opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles.

The following is a transcript of the speech:

Dr. Gao Pengran: Vision Group has been developing and manufacturing batteries for nearly 30 years, insisting on customer focus and implementing all the details into the development process, including product development, quality control, production line layout and big data analysis, to finally give customers a satisfactory product.

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant substances in the universe. From its beginnings as a fuel for the first generation of internal combustion engines, hydrogen has now been able to power air travel and is once again becoming a focal point in the energy revolution of all mankind in the form of the application of fuel cells.

Since 2011, policies on hydrogen energy have been released frequently. The 3+2 hydrogen energy demonstration clusters have been formed in China, and the early demonstration of commercial vehicles will stimulate the progress of the whole fuel cell industry chain, bringing down costs and other benefits, and laying the necessary foundation for the development of fuel cell passenger cars.

Progress of fuel cell reactor development

Our main product is hydrogen fuel cell products (R&D, production and sales of core components such as fuel cell reactors and bipolar plates).

The development of products follows the establishment of full-size and multi-dimensional simulation and analysis models from micro to macro, from material to reactor, forming mutual verification with product design, R&D and application, combining theory with practice and speeding up the iteration of technology development.

Exploration and industrialization of single-cell structured reactors

In the exploration of single cell structures for power stacks, Senergy Fuel Cell Technology has come up with a forward design process for power stacks: design concept - simulation analysis - component development - whole stack/module design, modularity Single cell, metal plate plating: carbon film plating, stack & system co-development.

Based on the company's strong R&D platform capability, the Xiongtao Hydrogen Rui W1.0 metal plate reactor was officially launched on May 19. The Senergy Fuel Cell Technology W1.0 metal plate reactor has the following features.

Self-hygroscopic, the cathode does not increase humidity, the anode can reach 0%-100% humidity sensitivity, this is our performance specially developed for passenger cars.

High volumetric power density, currently 5.4kW/L possible for W1.0 sheet metal reactors.

Low temperature start-up, with the requirement for low temperature cold start-up at -30°C achieved.

High insulation, with a stack insulation of 500MΩ@1000V, more than 500 times higher than the national standard.

Fast loading and unloading, the loading and unloading speed can reach 50 kW/S, which can achieve from idle speed to full load up to 2.4S.

In the future, Vision Group Hydrogen departmeng will continue to invest in research and development, to make products that users can afford and use with confidence, to continuously improve itself, to strive for perfection, and to work with partners to promote the high-quality development of China's fuel cell industry.