Dr. Gani was listed in People's Daily

Nov 28, 2022

On November 27th, People's Daily published a special article on "More cooperation opportunities for the world" written by Dr. Gani, CTO of Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.(One of the Vision Battery's subsidiaries), member of the German Academy of Engineering and consultant of Qingdao International Academician Port for industrial development. The article tells the story of Dr. Gani who brought Germany's leading mechanical manufacturing capabilities to China and combined them with China's digital capabilities to achieve win-win cooperation.

Dr. Gani is an expert in the field of automation and chief scientist of Hydrogen Industry 4.0. In the 1980s, Dr. Gani, together with the University of Berlin and raub, introduced the first fully automated computer numerical control lathe, which was successfully used in the market and is one of the credits for Germany's pioneering upgrade to Industry 4.0.

After coming to China, Dr. Gani brought his advanced experience along with him to help build a smart ecosystem and support platform, which has greatly contributed to the development of automated hydrogen energy production lines.

Dr. Gani, as the CTO of Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd., is a pioneer in the hydrogen energy industry. Dr. Gani will use his deep technical experience to empower the national industrial manufacturing, help Vision Battery to complete the technology upgrade and write the blueprint of Xiongtao's global hydrogen energy.