Dr. Chen Hong: Empowered by innovation, hydrogen for the future

Jun 20, 2022

"More than a year has passed since the launch of the Vision Hydrogen A series product, during which time the Vision Hydrogen team has concentrated on developing the new product, the W1.0 metal plate power stack." Chen Hong, Vice President of Vision Group and General Manager of Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd., shared at the conference.

The following is a selection of presentations.

Dr. Chen Hong: "The main pillar of the ocean is visible, and the majestic mountains are the main peak. In the industry chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, which has great value, the power reactor is the central point. Vision Hydrogen team will make every effort to contribute green power to the world development."

Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vision Group. As early as 2014, Vision Group began to develop technology and investment in the hydrogen energy industry; in 2017, Vision Group accelerated the layout of the hydrogen energy industry and established a talented R&D team and an operation team with advanced innovative ideas, thus Senergy Fuel Cell was born; in March 2019, the independent R&D and fully automated production line of electric reactor was set up; in December 2019, the first fully automated production line of In December 2019, the first fully automated production line for fuel cell reactors in South China was put into operation; after years of unremitting efforts, Senergy Fuel Cell was officially established in September 2020.

The company focuses on the field of hydrogen fuel cell with electric reactor as the core, and is committed to the independent control of key components, as well as small power integration solutions company. In the extension business involves forklift systems, 5G communication backup power. At present, it has explored the market: buses, sanitation vehicles, heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles, and is promoting the market: communication base stations, forklift systems, passenger cars; to enter the market: ships, data centres.

In 2022, Senergy Fuel Cell plans to reach a hundred units of small batch application vehicles, in 2023, 500 units of batch promotion year, and in 2024, a thousand units of large batch operation vehicles.

It is planned to add five new electric stack production lines and small power system production lines, with mass production products for commercial vehicles, forklifts, passenger cars, communication systems, backup power and other scenarios.

A hydrogen fuel cell is a device that generates electricity through the chemical reaction of hydrogen with oxygen. If the fuel cell system is compared to a human body, the reactor is the "heart" of the fuel cell, the core of the fuel cell's external power output, and has a very high technical barrier.

In recent years, under the refined research and technological innovation of Senergy Fuel Cell Technology, the level of localisation of core components has continued to rise steadily, and the cost and price of domestic power reactors has fallen rapidly.

Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd.'s product cost target for the next three years

In the future, with the advantage of the layout of the whole industrial chain, technology research and development capability and project experience, Vision Hydrogen will embrace the national double carbon strategy, further promote the application of hydrogen energy and help achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.