Dr Chen Hong: Creating products that users can afford and use with confidence

Aug 30, 2023

Recently, "2023 International Summit on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Application" was held in Shanghai, which was jointly organised by China Battery Industry Association and Battery China Network. Dr Chen Hong, CTO of Vision Group, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech on "Vision Hydrogen Energy Promotes the Development of Fuel Cell Industrialisation".

The following is a selection of the speech

China's energy resources endowment is characterised by "rich in coal, lack of oil, less gas", the energy structure is mainly dominated by coal, with a high degree of external dependence on crude oil and natural gas resources. The ninth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission pointed out that we should build a new type of power system with new energy as the main body. Hydrogen energy is a secondary energy source with abundant sources, green and low-carbon, and wide application, which will play an important value for the safe and low-carbon construction of the new power system.2022 In March 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Medium- and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035), and the strategic positioning of hydrogen energy has been upgraded to the future national energy system as an important component of the future national energy system.

Accelerating globalisation strategy

Vision has invested and established hydrogen energy bases in many places across the country, and has grown into a company with a complete industrial chain of domestically produced hydrogen fuel cells in China through reasonable industrial planning and investment layout. After being fully experienced in the competition in the domestic market, Vision Hydrogen Energy has set its sights on overseas. "Vision Group's own business scope covers the whole world, and it has a good brand image in the world. At present, one after another, there are some co-operative developments with European enterprises, aiming to develop the European fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen energy storage market." Dr Chen Hong disclosed that at the same time, the company has established a hydrogen energy research institute in Europe.

Strengthen the layout of forward-looking technology

As domestic policies continue to be supported, cost reduction will become a key driver for the industrialisation of hydrogen energy. The road of cost reduction of Xiontao hydrogen energy products will be broken down one by one from the four aspects of cost reduction of core components, cost reduction of design optimisation, cost reduction of large-scale manufacturing and cost reduction of ladder utilisation, focusing on building core competitiveness and assisting the healthy development of the industry.

Dr Chen Hong said that the wide range of application prospects is driving the hydrogen energy industry to flourish. "Vision started to lay out the hydrogen energy field as early as 2014, and its electric reactor products mainly include metal and graphite reactors, while paper reactors, as a revolutionary product, have now been sampled. Engine products currently cover the range of 30kW-130kW, and 200kW products are already under development, and focus on engine cost reduction, Xiontao wants to make products that users can afford and use with confidence."

Vision Hydrogen Energy is committed to the hydrogen fuel cell field, relying on its rich technical experience and top core technology, it has developed and provided domestic leading engine products and domestic leading electric reactor products for the energy industry. In the future, HTC Hydrogen will continue to carry out R&D and innovation, accelerate the commercialisation process, and promote the layout of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain, striving to grow into a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology.