Dr. Chen Hong: Collaboration across borders to help green and sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry

Aug 31, 2022

Recently, Dr. Chen Hong, Vice President of Vision Group, was invited to deliver a speech at the 2022 (4th) GaoGong Hydrogen Power Industry Summit. He said: "How to draw this magnificent blueprint of hydrogen energy depends on the efforts and synergy of all parties in the industry. He also put forward his thoughts on the issue of "how to collaborate across borders to help the green and sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry".

Firstly, technology is leading the way and the industry is speeding up. The real technical difficulty of fuel cells is the lack of productization technology. Productization technology is to ensure quality and quantity, and to give a mature product under specific conditions.

Secondly, multiple cost reduction and industry chain synergy. The development of the hydrogen energy industry has been accelerated, but there are still three bottlenecks, namely the lack of infrastructure construction of hydrogen refuelling stations, high costs and dependence on imports. From the perspective of cost, the way to reduce the cost of industrialized products is to reduce the cost by scale, replace the cost by localization and reduce the cost by innovative process technology. For example, this year, Vision Hydrogen team announced that the A1 series power stack has been reduced to RMB 999/kW and is expected to be the first to break the RMB 500/kW mark by 2025. Vision Group insists on starting from the market, from the customer's perspective, and using leading innovative technologies to drive cost reduction. We also hope to work together with our industry partners to enable the whole industry chain to reach the cost reduction goal faster.

Thirdly, the ecology of a healthy development of the industry is "harmony and difference, a hundred flowers bloom". In the future, technology localization is the way to go, but at present, localization is not well combined with practical applications. Therefore, we hope that the upstream and downstream of the industry chain will not take too many homogeneous paths, but design from different application scenarios, so that they can grow into leading enterprises in various segments and different application scenarios.

As a firm promoter of new energy and a veteran of the energy industry, Vision Group believes that fuel cells have great potential. We also call on the upstream and downstream partners of the industry chain to collaborate deeply at multiple levels, to develop collaboratively in each region, to resonate with each other, to move forward hand in hand, and to write a new chapter of hydrogen energy development together.