Dedicated to public welfare: Vision Hubei has issued scholarships to outstanding students for 7 consecutive years

Sep 9, 2021

On September 6, the opening ceremony of Hubei Jingshan No. 1 middle school and the flag raising ceremony with the theme of "Vision Group scholarship" were held in Chunhui square.

At the ceremony, Jinlong Chen, party secretary and President of Jingshan No. 1 middle school, and Weidong Yang, minister of human resources department of Hubei Central Power Technology Co., Ltd., presented awards to the award-winning students. Kaidi Xu, the representative of Vision Hubei (the 2017 graduate of Jingshan No. 1 middle school), spoke on the stage.

Kaidi Xu is a 2017 graduate of Jingshan No. 1 middle school. The awarding ceremony of Vision Group scholarship in 2015 deepened his favor for Vision. After graduating from university, he returned to his hometown and successfully joined Vision Hubei. Like him,There are two students this year who were encouraged by Vision scholarship chosing to work in their hometown and joined Vision Hubei.

This is the seventh year that Vision Hubei supports education devolpment. The establishment of Vision scholarship is to stimulate the potential of students in No. 1 middle school, create a learning atmosphere of catching up with each other, further promote the good trend of respecting teachers and education in the whole society, and form a good atmosphere in which the whole society cares about and supports education.

As an industry leader, Vision Group and its subsidiaries have been actively performing corporate social responsibility. By setting up Vision scholarship, donating books to the school and condoning poor families, we care for the society and transmit positive energy.

We hope to sow the seeds of education through a series of public welfare activities, so that excellent students can constantly enrich their hearts and have the opportunity to show their talents and strategies in the future. The group will continue to invest in education to escort more students.