Congratulations! The first demonstration hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen heavy truck in Yangquan was unveiled and put into operation!

Dec 30, 2020

On December 26, 2020, the unveiling ceremony of demonstration hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen heavy truck jointly invested by Vision HydraV and Huayang Group Yangmei Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially held. This is the first hydrogen refueling station in Yangquan,the total construction area of hydrogenation refueling station is 2191 m2, and the designed filling capacity is 1000 kg / day (12h), which can meet the refueling demand of 70 hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks.

Xiaoli Zhao, vice president of Vision Group, Jiankun Lei, deputy secretary and mayor of Yangquan Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yamin Hu, Yongge Wang, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of Huayang Group, and related leaders, chief scientist of China Energy Engineering Group Qinbo Fan and the heads of industrial chain cooperative enterprises attended the event.

Build a demonstration base for the application of hydrogen heavy trucks in Yangquan, and promote energy transformation

The completion of the demonstration hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen energy heavy truck is based on the local coal resources in Yangquan. Vision HydraV and Yangmei Chemical will work together to further effectively utilize the rich hydrogen production capacity of Yangmei Chemical; in terms of application scenarios, create hydrogen energy heavy trucks application demonstration base. At the same time, promote the overall development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, supply chain, and innovation chain of the hydrogen energy industry. The demonstration hydrogen refueling station meets the hydrogen refueling needs of logistics vehicles and heavy trucks at the same time. The refueling time of a logistics vehicle is about 5 minutes, and the refueling time of a heavy truck is about 15 minutes. Five hydrogen energy heavy trucks supported by Vision HydraV were officially put into demonstration operation, with a rated power of 87kw and a cruising range of more than 300 kilometers.

Xiaoli Zhao, vice president of Vision Group, said that the completion of the Yangquan demonstration hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen heavy truck is an attempt by Vision Group in hydrogen energy application scenarios. In the future, Vision will be based in Yangquan, take hydrogen energy heavy trucks as a breakthrough, rely on local support, and join hands with Huayang Group to promote energy transformation of Shanxi.

In addition, Vision HydraV has signed cooperation agreements with Dongfeng Xiangyang Station Wagon, Suzhou Hexing New Energy and Shanghai Top Gear Power. In the future, the parties will conduct in-depth cooperation on hydrogen energy application scenarios and parts to jointly promote the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry.