Center Power takes normal operation as Government intensifies regulation on battery industries in 2011

Jan 5, 2012

18th May, 2011, Chinese Environment Ministry announced that effective measures should be taken for regulating the manufacturing of batteries and other heavy metal industries to prevent pollution and poisoning of the environment. These measures include strict market entry permission systems, better daily environmental management to ensure safe disposal of pollutants, intensified administration and punishment of violations and more information transparency to encourage the public's supervision. A recertification process began in May and it was found that most battery manufacturers were in violation of the environmental policy and were forced to close down.

Shenzhen Center Power Tech. Co. LTD, has always worked hard to be a leader in the China battery industry. This includes our focus on protection on the environment, safety of its employees and safety for the communities with which we work in. This commitment to excellence and safety by management and the hard work of our employees at Center Power passed the recertification process smoothly. Center Power was one of only a few battery manufacturers to pass the recertification in the Shenzhen area and by far the greatest. This demonstrated that Center Power is not just a leader in the quality of product we produce but that we are also the front-runner in the industry on environmental protection.

Center Power will continue to strive to be the leader in the battery industry on environmental protection. We will continue to make improvements in the equipment and processes we use to ensure the protection of the environment, safety of our employees, and improve the quality of our products so that we give our customers the best service, support and products in the battery industry