Capacity compensation of RMB 0.2/kWh and peaking compensation of RMB 0.55/kWh! These three cities are releasing or preparing policies related to energy storage one after another

Apr 7, 2023

Recently, Xinjiang, Ningxia and Wenzhou have released or are preparing energy storage related policies one after another, whose contents are written around new energy+storage for data centres, new energy storage subsidies, scale application of energy storage, etc. Some of the highlights are as follows:


Ningxia Development and Reform Commission released the "national integrated arithmetic network national hub node Ningxia hub construction 2023 work points".


Xinjiang is in the process of formulating a "Supporting Policy for the Orderly Development of New Energy Storage". From the information revealed in the current consultation draft, the policies to be introduced in Xinjiang will cover a number of aspects of energy storage applications, including new energy storage synergies, independent energy storage market pricing mechanisms, shared leasing systems, and independent energy storage capacity tariff compensation. If introduced, it will have a crucial impact on the application of energy storage in Xinjiang, especially the application of independent shared energy storage.

Vision Energy Storage Solutions

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In the future, Vision Battery will continue to cultivate the field of energy storage and provide integrated energy storage systems with higher safety, long life and high energy efficiency to help the development of global renewable energy and help achieve the goal of "double carbon".