Big news! Vision Battery wins US$89794560 order for telecommunication lithium batteries

Sep 22, 2022

AS a professional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells manufacturers company, Vision Battery providing comprehensive power supply products and technical services to customers in major countries and regions around the world, including telecommunications, energy storage, transportation, work platforms, electric power, UPS, IDC data centres and other industries.

The lithium battery business is the main growth point of Vision Battery's profit in recent years. In the future, on the basis of stabilizing the original lead-acid business segment, Vision Battery will continue to vigorously expand the products and customer resources of the lithium battery business segment, so as to inject continuous power for the company's future business growth.

There's good news that Vision Battery has recently signed a purchase order with RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED for a total amount of US$89,794,560.