Baidu & Vision Group jointly launched “Pinghu” DC Lithium Battery System

Nov 30, 2021

On November 25th, the 2021 Data Center Summit was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, where Baidu successfully launched “Pinghu” DC Lithium Battery System, together with Vision Group and 7 other cooperative partners. Binghua Zhang, general manager of Baidu System Department and IDC Engineering Department, attended the summit and gave a speech. Neil He, vice president of Vision Group, general manager of UPS Business Unit, and representatives of cooperative partners attended the summit.

After 2-year hard research and development, “Pinghu” DC Lithium Battery System has successfully applied for 10 more core patents since its project establishment in 2019. With fully verification of the feasibility and advancement of the technology, it is widely used in plenty of data centers in Baidu.

“Pinghu” DC Lithium Battery System has 6 major prominent features, that is safety, reliability, intelligence, efficiency, flexibility and economy.

Safety. Its unique three level test standards---safety test, performance test and online test, covers more than 100 rigorous tests.

Reliability. Customized control system and high-quality components, guarantee its 10-year service life.

Intelligence. Built-in smart monitoring realizes fault identification and prediction.

Efficiency. Full DC power supply and prefabricated integration improve its efficiency by 90%.

Flexibility. Wide power range adapts to multiple application scenarios. Place several units in one battery room saves 70% area of machine rooms.

Economy. With longer service life, capex reduced by 25% and TCO saved by 60%, it can adapt to the duel carbon background and bring more extra profits.

Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, only higher standards can meet the strict requirements to establish new type data center, and this is how “PingHu” DC Lithium Battery System was built, with safe and reliable capabilities, efficient computing service and good energy efficiency control.

Vision Group has good faith in the future that together with Baidu and industry partners, guided by common strategic objectives, we can continuously innovate to lead the industry to a higher development dimensions and build a new ecology of data center industry.