An area once ignored by the construction industry is now astonishing

Jul 7, 2022

The "infrastructure maniacs" have created countless marvellous miracles by opening roads and bridges in the face of mountains and water. High-speed railways, large power stations, large international airports, large stadiums and other projects all show the talent and efforts of Chinese craftsmen in infrastructure.

In the modern development, the huge scale of construction operations, but also once bred the prosperity of China's construction machinery industry, but even though excavators, rollers, cranes are known to the public, there is a field has long been ignored by the construction industry.

Aerial work platforms.

For a long time, scaffolding made of bamboo or wooden boards bound together, the main tool for building construction, has been slowly phased out during the development of the industry.

The reason for the elimination is simple: the importance placed on the value of human life. The casualties, lawsuits and stoppages resulting from construction accidents are a burden that builders cannot afford. With the demographic dividend disappearing, the trend is for machines to replace people. From the perspective of cost control, portability and efficiency improvement, aerial work platforms also deliver high marks.

Aerial Work Platforms vs Scaffolding

Aerial work platforms are used on a large scale. In recent years, the country has put forward a "double carbon target", and electric aerial work platforms have become a new product that many manufacturing companies are vying to promote.

As the technology related to lithium batteries continues to mature, its application brings profound impact to the low carbon change of the construction machinery industry.

1:Safer and easier to operate. The lithium battery is smaller for the same amount of power storage, and is suitable for high and low temperatures, making it easy to operate and adapt to various environments

2:New energy is more environmentally friendly. Compared with batteries, lithium batteries do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances. Secondly, most of the current engineering machinery and equipment are powered by fuel, and fuel is a consumable energy costs fluctuate greatly, the second will have the problem of exhaust pollution, so the use of lithium batteries as a new environmentally friendly energy drive, to adapt to the current green development principles

3:Reduce equipment failure, extend the life of the equipment, and have a strong range. Lithium batteries are more stable and have a longer service life, and their range is more than twice that of other energy-consuming aerial equipment

4:Lower costs for the lessee. The lithium battery can also reduce the failure rate of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment, thus effectively helping the renter's customers to refine their management and achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

Vision Motive Power lithium battery

Iron-V series is a lithium battery product developed by Vision Group for various power applications. It adopts Vision Group's high quality LFP cells and BMS system, and integrates real-time monitoring system and intelligent management module to accurately monitor the status of each component in the system, ensuring stable system performance and user safety.

Vision VFL forklift lithium battery and VML aerial work platform lithium battery cover the world's mainstream electric forklift and aerial work platform applications, and can be custom designed according to customer needs. With high charging efficiency, high energy utilization, long life, zero pollution and zero emission, high safety, suitable for high and low temperature applications, maintenance-free and maintenance-free, and can be charged and used as needed.

1:Modularity: Compatible with multiple models; reduce design and development costs

2: Smart battery: Real-time monitoring of the health status of any module in the battery pack, which is convenient for later design optimization and battery maintenance

3: Echelon utilization: hardware and software design considers the convenience of echelon utilization, which is convenient for investment in the field of echelon applications

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