2020 Gaogong Hydrogen Industry Summit, CEO of HydraV sees the future development of hydrogen energy

Jul 17, 2020

On July 14-15, the 2020 Gaogong Hydrogen Industry Summit(Shanghai) was successfully held. More than 500 industry elites from the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry gathered together to return to the essence and take a long-term perspective. They carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as the localization of advanced product technology, new situations and opportunities in industrial development, and strategic thinking of enterprises.

Xiaofei Zhang, chairman of Gaogong Hydrogen, Lincong Ma, chairman of the National Hydrogen Standardization Technical Committee, Dr. Yun Xiong, President of HydraV, Manzhi Liang, supervisor of Zhongtong Bus hydrogen fuel cell, Chi Zhang, general manager of Qingneng Group, and Dr. Peiyun Yi, general manager of Shanghai Hydrogen and other high-level enterprise representatives attended the summit.

At the meeting, Dr. Yun Xiong,delivered a wonderful speech on "Insight of Hydrogen Energy and Building a Hydrogen Power Future". Dr. Xiong believes that with the characteristics of high power, long life and high endurance, fuel cell engines will give priority to replacing heavy-duty diesel engines. So its application field will not be limited to trucks, including construction machinery, docks, and shipping have good application prospects. The increase in market demand can promote the cost reduction, then it is hopeful to overcome the problem of fuel cell passenger cars.

“We hope to set a good example for the hydrogen energy industry through good quality and service." Dr Yun Xiong said.

For China's fuel cell industry in 2020, challenges and opportunities coexist. With the setting of the policy of "replacing subsidies with awards" by four ministries and commissions, the fuel cell industry has begun to restart in the second half. HydraV will focus on products, improve services and lead the industry continuously.