1711 km! Yutong bus with Vision Hydrogen VISTAH-80A completes phase of road test

Apr 4, 2023

On April 3, the Yutong hydrogen bus equipped with Vision Hydrogen's independently developed VISTAH-80A system successfully completed a stage road test in Wuhan, running for 1,711 kilometres without any faults.

The Yutong bus equipped with the VISTAH-80A engine system drove 100 km per day to simulate normal bus operation without any system failure. The actual bus data shows that the average hydrogen consumption of the whole bus is 4.5kg per 100km and the average efficiency of the engine is over 55%.

The vehicle test site is located in the park of Wuhan Vision Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd, covering an area of about 100 mu, which is currently the largest fuel cell vehicle test site in Hannan District.

The test site is equipped with four different types of test sections: a dirt road section, a water section, a sand section and a fast section to test various components and system conditions of fuel cell vehicles. The test site is also equipped with a hydrogen refuelling station where test vehicles can be refuelled at any time, thus improving operational efficiency.

In addition to the onsite test road and hydrogen filling station, Vision Battery is also equipped with a professional test team (consisting of software control engineers, electrical hardware engineers, structural engineers, solution engineers, system test engineers, process engineers, maintenance engineers and A-licensed drivers) to fully protect the test vehicles.

In addition,Vision Battery R&D Centre is designing the hydrogen-lithium combination engine laboratory conditions based on the operational data of the real Yutong bus at the factory. The vehicle will then be equipped with the hydrogen-lithium combination system developed by Vision Battery for further research to reduce the hydrogen consumption of the vehicle.