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VISH-60A Fuel Cell Engine

1.High system efficiency
2.High hydrogen utilization
3.High system stability
4.Modular design and compact structure

VISH-90A Fuel Cell Engine

1.high efficiency
2.high hydrogen utilization rate
3.reliable stability
4.modular design

REVO Single-phase Series

1.Modular design, suitable for both interior and exterior installation
2.Two-grade or three-grade management architecture, which supports external parallel connection and subsequent capacity expansion
3.Support for communication through CANBUS or MODBUS
4.High-precision control under a voltage of 5 mV and temperature of 0.5°C

Gen-2 PEMFC Stack

This product is a proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack for vehicles independently developed by Vision. It uses graphite bipolar plates and has a high uniformity index. The single stack has a rated power of 40-84kW and a design life of more than 20,000 hours. Suitable for commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and other applications.