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VISH-130B Fuel Cell Engine

VISH-130B is a new generation fuel cell engine system developed for the heavy truck market. The new model has significantly increased the commonality of core components in the same class of engine platform, and the standardisation of interfaces is conducive to batch production and delivery. Through a series of parts optimization and upgrading, the volume of the engine system is reduced by 22.9%, and the volume power density is increased by 31.8%. The engine has an advantageous application prospect in the field of heavy trucks and special vehicles. The system has been proven to be lightweight and highly reliable. Through continuous optimisation and upgrading of the control strategy, the hydrogen utilisation rate has been significantly improved, the system structure is more compact and better adapted to the needs of mainstream heavy trucks, and the space is reasonably laid out to facilitate maintenance and servicing. The engine has been repeatedly tested and proven to have a more mature control strategy and a stable and reliable system operation.

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+ Compact structure

+ High hydrogen utilisation rate

+ Mature control strategy

+ Stable and reliable system operation


+ Heavy trucks

+ Special vehicles

General Specifications

Performance Parameter
Rated power output(kW)130
Rated current(A)495
Rated voltage(VDC)327~540
CoolantEthylene glycol 50% by volume, balance DI water
Physical Parameter
Outline dimension(mm)1009*653.5*741
Ingress Protection RatingIP67
Vibration resistanceSAE J2380
Control interfaceCAN BUS
Operating Conditions
Hydrogen inlet pressure(MPa)1~2
Air inlet pressure(kPa)10~150
Coolant inlet pressure(kPa)10~130
Coolant inlet temperature(℃)-20~60
Ambient temperature(℃)-30~60
Ambient humidity(%RH)5~95
Storage temperature(℃)-40~60

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