Yuntao Hydrogen Energy丨Guangzhou Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Consortium Establishment and Signing Conference was successfully held

Jan 15, 2023

On January 13, "Gathering Strength, Leading Wisdom - Guangzhou Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Consortium Establishment and Signing Conference", jointly initiated by Yuntao Hydrogen Energy, GAC Hino, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Tongji University and relevant upstream and downstream enterprises of hydrogen fuel cell, was successfully held in Guangzhou. "The conference was successfully held in Guangzhou.

Yuntao Hydrogen Energy and Guangzhou Auto Hino join hands to inaugurate the innovation consortium and award a plaque to the members of the innovation consortium

Mou Zhiping, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Peng Liuqing, Director of Energy Department, Zeng Lizang of Industry Department; Chen Sining, Researcher of Industry Department of Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology; He Jingqing, Secretary of Baiyun District Party Committee; Pan Zhijun, Mayor of Baiyun District; Zhou Jun, Deputy Mayor; Yu Lin, Vice President of Guangdong University of Technology; Liao Shijun, Professor of South China University of Technology; Ma Genius, Professor of Tongji University, Ma Renhong, President of Guangdong Logistics Industry Association and relevant functional departments of Baiyun District. The event was attended by functional departments, members of the innovation consortium, enterprises and organizations in the industry.

Yang Qiang, General Manager of Yuntao Hydrogen Energy, delivered a speech: As the initiator of the innovation consortium, Yuntao Hydrogen Energy, based on the principle of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, takes industrial demand as the guide and major tasks as the traction, and supports projects such as "neck" core technology research, major equipment and key components development in key areas of fuel cells by undertaking major municipal science and technology and industrial special projects. By undertaking municipal science and technology and major industrial tasks, we will support the development of core technologies, major equipment and key components in key areas of fuel cells, accelerate the upgrading of hydrogen energy technology innovation, solve the application obstacles and "stuck" technical problems, and form the core competitiveness of products.

Yang Qiang, General Manager of Yuntao Hydrogen Energy: "While nurturing Guangzhou's local component enterprises, we will fully realize the localized R&D and production manufacturing of key components in Guangzhou, achieve the goal of reducing the cost of fuel cell products, and expect the cost to be reduced to 1600 RMB/kW (comparable to Toyota and Hyundai) by 2025, truly establish the core output and competitiveness of Guangzhou's hydrogen energy industry chain, and Leading the scale of fuel cell vehicle products and technological innovation nationwide."
After the establishment of the Guangzhou Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Consortium, it will focus on making up, stabilizing and strengthening the chain of the industry, promoting innovative cooperation models, jointly carrying out hydrogen energy technology research and development, continuously exploring the path of technological upgrading and iteration in the context of the hydrogen energy industry development boom, and promoting the benign and high-quality development of Guangzhou's hydrogen energy industry.

The event also held a symposium on the development of hydrogen energy industry in Baiyun, where representatives of enterprises and universities and institutes shared their suggestions and ideas to promote the development of new energy industry in Guangzhou and Baiyun District.

Yuntao Hydrogen Energy

Yuntao Hydrogen Energy Ltd. was established in May 2022 by Vision Battery and Guangzhou Baiyun Industry Investment Group Co.