Vision Hydrogen Weekly 丨Vision's August Exhibition Preview; 100 Hydrogen-powered Vehicles Launched at Edmonton International Airport; Hydrogen Energy Policies Released in Sichuan, Wenzhou, Lanzhou and Other Places

Jul 19, 2023

【Industry】 Vision Battery to Exhibit at the 2023 World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Expo

2023 World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Expo will be grandly opened in Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex from 8th to 10th August, Vision Battery will bring its cutting-edge technology and product solutions to booth E521 of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Pavilion (HALL6.1), and we look forward to your visit.

【Dynamic】Sichuan Province announced the catalogue of major technology and equipment promotion in 2023

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced 2023, "Sichuan Province, the first set of major technical equipment, the first edition of software to promote the application of the guidance catalogue", in which the key components of power generation equipment, including 2 sets of hydrogen equipment; energy storage equipment, including 1 set of hydrogen equipment, coal chemical industry complete sets of equipment, including 2 sets of hydrogen equipment; hydrogen equipment, including 14 sets of hydrogen; power equipment, including 2 sets of hydrogen equipment; electro-mechanical monitoring system, including 1 set of hydrogen equipment; other special parts and materials including 2 sets of hydrogen equipment, including a total of 24 sets of hydrogen equipment.

Wenzhou Municipality Issues Notice on Several Policies to Promote the High-Quality Development of New Energy

Recently, Haiyan County People's Government issued Haiyan County to accelerate the promotion of nuclear power associated and nuclear technology applications (isotopes), 5G communications and electronic information, hydrogen energy industry development special policy views of the notice, which hydrogen energy pointed out that: support for the construction of fuel cell distributed power generation, combined heat and power supply demonstration projects, to give a one-time subsidy to equipment investment of 20% of the limit of 3 million yuan; from the beginning of the project is completed and put into operation. Three consecutive years according to the amount of electricity generated to give 0.1 yuan / kWh of financial subsidies, a single project annual limit of 500,000 yuan.

【Policy】Anhui Huaibei issued a list of industrial support policies in Huaibei City

Recently, the People's Government of Huaibei City on the issuance of Huaibei City, notice of industrial support policy list, which points out that support for hydrogenation station construction, the maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan per station, respectively, 3 million yuan, the city (county, district) finance in accordance with the provincial recognition of the project incentives for 50 per cent of the funds to support the joint efforts. In addition, each year to select about 5 hydrogen energy in transport and the expansion of energy, industry and other areas of the demonstration project, in accordance with the provincial recognition of the project incentives 50% of the combined support, the maximum subsidy of up to 50 million yuan.

【Industry】Australia proposes to support hydrogen energy projects for 10 years, providing production credits

Recently, Australia proposed to support hydrogen energy projects over 10 years and provide production credits. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (AREANA) and the Department of Climate, Energy, Environment and Water (DCCEEW) opened a consultation on the Commonwealth Government's A$2 billion (£1 billion) Hydrogen Start-up Scheme on 7 July. The programme aims to accelerate the production of renewable hydrogen energy in Australia by filling commercial gaps in early-stage projects.

【International】UK National Roads Announces Purchase of Hydrogen-Powered Construction Machinery, Launching Net Zero Goal

Recently, UK National Roads announced that it will purchase hydrogen-powered construction machinery to meet its net-zero targets. The company launched the UK's "largest ever" low-carbon hydrogen procurement programme on 10 July to reduce the carbon footprint of the new East Bank of the Thames Road and Tunnel - a proposed project on the River Thames in east London. to reduce the carbon footprint of the new East Bank Thames Road and Tunnel - a proposed project on the Thames in East London - to kick-start the anticipated hydrogen ecosystem in the Thames Estuary.

【International】Construction of the Middle East's first high-speed hydrogen refuelling station begins

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced on 18 July that it has begun construction of the first high-speed hydrogen refuelling station in the Middle East. The station will be built in a sustainable urban neighbourhood of Masdar City, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and will produce hydrogen through an electrolysis tank powered by a "clean grid".

The construction of the hydrogen station is an important step in ADNOC's drive towards energy transition and decarbonisation goals. The company plans to have the station up and running later this year, and they also plan to build a second hydrogen station at Dubai Golf City, which will be equipped with a "conventional hydrogen fuel system".

Encouraging the development of hydrogen energy technology, the NDRC has released a new version of the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment for comments!

On July 14th, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued a notice on the public consultation on the "Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2023 version, draft for comments)", in which hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, liquid, solid and gaseous hydrogen storage, hydrogen transported by pipeline trailers, hydrogen transmission by pipeline, hydrogen refuelling stations, hydrogen-electricity coupling and other hydrogen energy technologies for promotion and application are all encouraged.

【Policy】 Lanzhou, Gansu Issues Lanzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2022-2035)

July 14, from Lanzhou City Development and Reform Commission learned that, according to the "medium and long-term plan for the development of hydrogen energy industry (2021-2035)" and "Gansu Provincial People's Government Office on the development of hydrogen energy industry guidance" and other documents, agreed by the municipal government, combined with the city's actual situation, the official issuance of the "Lanzhou City, Hydrogen Industry Development Plan (2022-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), focusing on creating "a district, two parks, multiple points" of the space layout of the hydrogen energy industry. (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"), focusing on creating "a district, two parks, multiple points" of the hydrogen energy industry space layout, focusing on the "double carbon" goal, the hydrogen energy industry as a brand of low-carbon development in Lanzhou industry.

The Plan puts forward the integration and development of "hydrogen energy + manufacturing industry" as the main line, accelerates the transformation of energy structure, vigorously develops the hydrogen energy equipment industry, and revitalises "Made in Lanzhou". Gather domestic and foreign high-quality resources and elements, introduce and cultivate a number of hydrogen energy leading enterprises and R & D institutions, accelerate the improvement of industrial technological innovation and equipment manufacturing level, and constantly improve the hydrogen energy industry chain, promote the hydrogen energy industry to the scale, clustering, high-end development, to create a complete industrial system, the country's leading benchmark city.

【International】100 hydrogen-powered vehicles will be launched! Edmonton International Airport and Toyota help net-zero emissions!

Edmonton International Airport has joined forces with Toyota Canada to put 100 Toyota Mira hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) on the road in Alberta, Canada. The partnership is designed to help the airport meet its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, as well as to promote the development of Alberta's hydrogen energy ecosystem.

As the "first" hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vehicles in the Canadian province, the 100 Toyota Mira FCEVs will play an important role on Alberta's roads. These vehicles will not only provide clean transportation to airports, but will also provide a strong foundation for the local hydrogen energy ecosystem. To ensure the availability of hydrogen, Edmonton International Airport has also partnered with Air Products to set up a temporary mobile hydrogen refuelling station to refuel the fleet.