Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨Toyota Mirai Sport Concept debuts; US National Clean Hydrogen Energy Strategy Roadmap released; Beijing, Hefei, Pingdingshan and Tangshan release hydrogen energy policies

Jun 8, 2023

【Industry】 Brazilian oil giant joins forces with British company to target three major sectors, including green hydrogen!

Petrobras, Brazil's national oil company, revealed on 6 June that it has "started exploring" joint business opportunities with the UK's Unigil in green hydrogen, low-carbon projects and fertilisers.

Petrobras and Unigil have signed a two-year non-binding non-disclosure agreement, but both parties said that any project resulting from the agreement could only be estimated in terms of costs and returns following the conclusion of a technical analysis by a multidisciplinary team.

【Dynamic】Toyota Mirai Sport Concept debuts with a range of 647km

Recently, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Network has learned exclusively from foreign media that Toyota has debuted the Toyota Mirai Sport Concept, a sporty version of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, MIRAI.

The standard hydrogen fuel cell of the Toyota Mirai Sport Concept is rated at 136 kW and 300 Nm of torque, respectively, and has a maximum range of 647 km when filled with hydrogen. It is also known that Mirai will share its TNGA-L platform with the upcoming Toyota Crown sedan and Lexus LS flagship.

【Policy】Tangshan, Hebei Province, issued provisional measures for the construction and management of hydrogen refuelling stations (draft for comments)

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Tangshan City printed and released the Interim Measures for the Construction and Management of Fuel Cell Vehicle Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Tangshan City (Draft for Comments).

The land for the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations shall be urban and rural construction land in accordance with the city's land and space planning, and the nature of the land for operating hydrogen refuelling stations shall be commercial land, while the nature of the land for enterprises' self-use hydrogen refuelling stations may be industrial land; the project unit shall obtain or lease the land for the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations in accordance with the law. The enterprises belonging to the self-use hydrogen refuelling stations should build hydrogen production plants, support the establishment of photovoltaic hydrogen production and wind power hydrogen production projects in non-chemical parks, and rely on the development of hydrogen production plants and hydrogen refuelling stations as one hydrogen production and hydrogen refuelling project.

【Policy】Pingdingshan City People's Government issued the "Pingdingshan City to promote the high-quality development of multimodal transport to optimize the adjustment of transport structure work program (2023-2025)

On May 23, the People's Government of Pingdingshan City issued the "Work Plan for Optimizing the Adjustment of Transport Structure by Promoting High Quality Development of Multimodal Transport in Pingdingshan City (2023-2025)", which mentions that

Enhance the green level of equipment. Promote green, professional intermodal transport equipment, develop implementation measures to promote the use of pure electric, hydrogen fuel cell and other new energy freight distribution vehicles, and moderate measures to restrict the passage of fuel vehicles. Promote the use of new energy and clean energy for freight transport equipment and transshipment machinery in railways, ports and logistics parks. Carry out in-depth special rectification actions such as overloading of trucks and illegal transport, improve joint supervision mechanisms and increase enforcement efforts. Build a green transportation construction system, incorporate green and low-carbon concepts throughout the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure, and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout the life cycle.

【Policy】Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (BETDZ): The declaration of incentives for fuel cell vehicle demonstration application/fuel cell parts/hydrogen energy application in transportation in 2022

On June 2, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (BETDZ) issued a notice on the declaration of matters related to the hydrogen energy industry policy in 2022. The notice states: for enterprises that purchase fuel cell vehicles during the demonstration period of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration City Cluster and are included in the Beijing Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Application Project, financial support will be given in accordance with 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of the national incentive funds from the first to the fourth year of the demonstration period, respectively. The notice was issued simultaneously: the 2022 Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Application Incentive Declaration Office Guide, the 2022 Fuel Cell Key Component Application Incentive Declaration Office Guide and the 2022 Hydrogen Energy Application Incentive Declaration for the Transportation Sector, and many other declaration/office guides.

【Policy】Various subsidies to help the development of hydrogen energy industry in Hefei, Anhui

On June 5, the Hefei Municipal People's Government issued a proposal on the development of hydrogen energy industry in Anhui Province with Hefei as the centre, which was put forward by Mr. Chen Xiang, and it was mentioned that Hefei will further improve the policy guarantee, broaden the application field and promote the development of integration.

The "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry in Hefei" has made it clear that 500 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles will be promoted and applied, the industry will be guided to lay out the hydrogen fuel supply system in an orderly manner, and 10 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built in 2025. A subsidy of 25 yuan/kg has been given to market players to invest in the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations, and a subsidy of 3,000 yuan/kW has been given to operating enterprises that purchase hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, forming a policy system covering facility construction, market operation and vehicle purchase subsidies.

【International】Biden-Harris Administration formally releases the Roadmap for the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Energy Strategy

The Biden-Harris Administration on June 5, 2023 released the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Energy Strategy Roadmap (hereinafter: U.S. Hydrogen Energy Strategy), a comprehensive framework designed to accelerate the production, handling, delivery, storage, and application of clean hydrogen in the United States. Clean hydrogen is a versatile and flexible energy carrier that can be obtained at low or zero carbon emissions.

It is projected that the growing US hydrogen economy may add 100,000 new direct or indirect jobs by 2030. The US Hydrogen Energy Strategy, developed by the US Department of Energy and other agencies of the federal government, emphasises a holistic government approach that concludes addressing the climate crisis and achieving a carbon-free grid by 2035 and a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

According to the US Department of Energy's Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Clean Hydrogen report, the growing US hydrogen economy could add 100,000 new direct and indirect jobs by 2030. By developing diverse clean energy pathways across multiple sectors within the United States, clean hydrogen will strengthen American energy independence and accelerate the prosperity of American manufacturing. Since President Biden's inauguration, more than 800,000 jobs have been created in the US manufacturing sector.