Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨Top speed 160km/h! Siemens hydrogen train test run in Germany; financial support up to 20 million yuan! Hainan supports pilot demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell/methanol vehicles

Sep 27, 2023

【Policy】Financial support not exceeding 20 million yuan! Hainan supports pilot demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell/methanol vehicles

Recently, the Hainan Department of Industry and Information Technology issued a number of measures to encourage the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Hainan Province in 2023-2025 and policy interpretation. The document proposes: 2023, 2024, 2025 registered vehicle subsidy standards according to the vehicle corresponding to the field of subsidies of 100%, 90% and 80%, respectively. Support for the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, methanol vehicles and other new technology pilot demonstration applications, according to the demonstration scale, social benefits and economic benefits to be a single pilot or demonstration project not more than 20 million yuan of financial support, annual support for pilot demonstration projects not more than four.

【Policy】Hydrogen storage capacity shall not exceed 3,000kg! Interim measures for the construction and management of hydrogen refueling stations in Lu'an City, Anhui Province, are open for comments.

On September 22, the Liuan Municipal People's Government issued the Interim Measures for the Construction and Management of Fuel Cell Vehicle Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Liuan City (Draft). It points out that it is allowed to build hydrogen refueling station in non-chemical park, and the scale of hydrogen refueling station shall not exceed 3000kg/d, and the total capacity of hydrogen storage container shall not exceed 3000kg.

National Energy Administration: Support oil and gas companies to explore and promote the construction of integrated demonstration projects of wind, gas and hydrogen storage

A few days ago, the National Energy Board on the National People's Congress on the development of natural gas industry, oil and gas and new energy synergistic integration of the development of the proposal to make a reply. The National Energy Board said: support in low-pressure, low-steel grade branch lines and city gas distribution pipelines, in the engineering design and construction phase of the integrated consideration of the future of hydrogen doping and even pure hydrogen delivery needs; support for oil and gas enterprises to explore and promote the integration of wind and gas hydrogen storage demonstration project construction.

【Policy】Zero-carbon hydrogen production will be rewarded up to 5 million dollars! A place in Liaoning has introduced a policy to support the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry.

Recently, the People's Government of Dandong District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, issued a number of policies and measures to support the high-quality development of hydrogen fuel cell automobile industry in Dandong District (draft for comments). The document will subsidize the production, storage, transportation and addition of hydrogen energy and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Among them, in support of diversified hydrogen production, the active development of photovoltaic, wind power and other zero-carbon hydrogen project fixed investment to give a maximum of 30%, up to 5 million yuan of investment incentives; explore the application of liquid ammonia, methanol and other low-carbon hydrogen project fixed investment to give a maximum of 20%, up to 3 million yuan of investment incentives. Green hydrogen production projects may not enter the Chemical Industry Park, without obtaining a hazardous chemical production license. The document is valid for three years from the date of publication.

【Industry】Top speed 160km/h! Siemens hydrogen train test run in Germany!

Recently, Siemens announced that the company's two hydrogen trains, Mireo Plus H, have completed their first test run in Bavaria, Germany.

The Bavarian state government, BRB and Siemens are said to have signed a memorandum of understanding in 2021 and a contract to conduct the trial in 2022.

Siemens said that the completion of the hydrogen train test is an important milestone and that the trial run of the hydrogen train will last for 30 months. According to the plan, in mid-2024 Siemens will launch passenger services with hydrogen trains on the Bayern Regional Railway (BRB) route operated by Transdev between Augsburg and Fesen and Augsburg and Pelsenberg.

【International】German Steel Giant Salzgitter Invests in 100MW Green Hydrogen Plant

German steel giant Salzgitter recently announced that they have commissioned EPC contractor Andritz to build a 100 MW green hydrogen plant designed to supply hydrogen for steelmaking. This initiative is part of Salzgitter's decarbonization program to reduce emissions from steel production.

The green hydrogen plant, to be built by Andritz, will use electrolyzer technology, with 18 5.5 MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzers supplied by Norway's HydrogenPro. The company has reportedly reached an agreement with ANDRITZ in April this year to cooperate on green hydrogen projects in Europe.

【International】 Mercedes-Benz Liquid Hydrogen Heavy Truck , Range 1047km , Hydrogen Storage 80kg

Recently, after three years of road tests Daimler Trucks has successfully proven that hydrogen fuel cell technology can be the right solution for decarbonizing its flexible and demanding long-distance road transport. Recently, the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 road-tested liquid hydrogen heavy-duty truck completed the Daimler Trucks #HydrogenRecordRun record-breaking race, storing 80 kg of liquid hydrogen and traveling a continuous distance of 1,047 kilometers.