Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨Dodge confirms RAM hydrogen fuel cell pickup; Sichuan, Anhui, Zhengzhou and Inner Mongolia release hydrogen energy-related policies

Jan 11, 2023

Based on the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and its industry chain, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of China Battery Industry Association aims to build a high-end communication platform for upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, collect representative opinions from the industry, undertake research work on topics planned by relevant ministries and commissions, promote the improvement of hydrogen and fuel cell-related technologies, and thus promote the progress of China's new energy industry. Vision Battery is the executive vice president of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of the China Battery Industry Association.

【Policy】 Support the development of renewable energy for hydrogen production! Sichuan Province Energy Sector Carbon Peak Implementation Plan

On January 11, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Sichuan Provincial Energy Bureau released the "Implementation Plan for Sichuan Province to Achieve Carbon Peak in the Energy Sector". The programme proposes to support the development of hydrogen production from renewable energy sources and industrial hydrogen by-products, build a "hydrogen corridor" in Chengdu and Chongqing, and create a "green hydrogen capital" in Chengdu and a demonstration city for hydrogen energy industry in Panzhihua.

Focusing on the development and clean use of fossil energy, carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), new power systems, hydrogen energy, energy storage, high-efficiency photovoltaics, high-capacity wind power, advanced nuclear power, controlled nuclear fusion, biomass fuel substitution, zero-carbon energy supply and other basic frontier technology research and development. Accelerate the construction of the hydrogen energy "production, storage, transmission and use" industry chain, and explore large-scale applications in steel, chemical industry, transportation, construction and other fields. Promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, LNG heavy trucks, new energy vessels, etc., and guide gasoline and diesel consumption to shrink gradually, striving to enter a plateau period around 2030.

【Policy】Xixian New Area: Hydrogen energy industry policy officially released, the first batch of hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen commercial vehicles put into use

On January 6, Qin Chuangwon - Xixian New Area Hydrogen Energy Industry Policy was officially released and the first batch of hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen commercial vehicles were put into use. The "Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Industry in Xi'an New Area (2022-2030)", "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Industry in Xi'an New Area (2023-2025)" and "Several Policy Measures for the Development of Hydrogen Industry in Xi'an New Area" were released at the meeting. The development objectives, spatial layout, key tasks and policy guarantee of the hydrogen energy industry in the Xixian New Area in the coming period are clearly defined, and the development pattern of "one core, two zones leading, multi-point synergy" is proposed with the Xixian New Area's special industrial park as the carrying base, to create a demonstration zone for the development of fuel cell industry and hydrogen energy equipment with national influence. The new zone will be a demonstration area for the development of fuel cell industry and a base for research and development of hydrogen energy equipment.

【Policy】The total investment is 49.6 billion yuan! Hydrogen production capacity of 280,000 tons/year! List of 15 scenery to hydrogen integration projects in Inner Mongolia

On January 4, Inner Mongolia Energy Bureau released the Notice of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Energy Bureau on the implementation of the demonstration project of renewable energy green hydrogen substitution in Xing'an Meng Coal Chemical Industry and other demonstration projects of scenery to hydrogen integration. There are 15 projects (4 off-grid and 11 grid-connected) with implementation conditions, a supporting new energy scale of 6.312 million kilowatts (including 4.732 million kilowatts of wind power and 1.58 million kilowatts of photovoltaic), a hydrogen production capacity of 282,000 tons/year and a total investment of 49.58 billion yuan.

【International】Toyota introduces fuel cell to Indian commercial vehicle company

Recently, Kirloskar Motor Kirloskar Motor, a Toyota India company, has supplied fuel cell stack modules to Ashok Leyland Ashok Leyland Commercial Vehicles in India for its production of fuel cell commercial vehicles in India and for feasibility study purposes.

【International】Hyundai Nexo hydrogen fuel cell passenger car sales exceed 10,000 units worldwide

Global sales of hydrogen-powered vehicles registered from January to November 2022 were 18,457 units, up 14.2 per cent from the same period last year. Among them, Hyundai's hydrogen-powered Nexo sold 10,700 units, the first time since the launch of the passenger car to exceed the 10,000-unit mark. The Nexo's global market share for hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars was 58.0%, up 3.5 percentage points from last year and well above the second-ranked Toyota Mirai of Japan (3,238 units).

【Policy】Promote the development and application of hydrogen fuel cell ships in an orderly manner The "14th Five-Year Plan" to Address Climate Change in Anhui Province was released

On January 5, the Department of Ecology and Environment of Anhui Province issued a notice on the issuance of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Addressing Climate Change in Anhui Province". In this regard, it is stated that

Launch the industrial development demonstration project with the core content of "hydrogen moving Yangtze River", develop or actively introduce and demonstrate the application of high-power hydrogen fuel cell systems, and orderly promote the development and application of hydrogen fuel cell ships. Promote the transformation of shore power and ship receiving facilities in ports, and study and formulate supporting policies for the application and promotion of shore power. Cooperate with the implementation of the policy of exempting purely natural gas-powered vessels from vehicle and vessel tax, and study the introduction of support policies such as giving priority to hydrogen-fuel-powered vessels in crossing the gates and berthing.

【Policy】The National Energy Administration released the role of hydrogen energy in the new power system at different times

On January 6, the National Energy Administration issued the "Blue Book on the Development of New Electricity Systems (Draft for Comments)".

The paper points out that from 2030 to 2045, electric energy substitution in the industrial field will be promoted in depth, new energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the transportation field will replace traditional energy vehicles, breakthroughs will be made in the research and development of long-time energy storage technologies above 10 hours represented by mechanical energy storage, thermal energy storage and hydrogen energy, balance regulation on a time scale of more than days will be achieved, and the transition of local grid form to dynamic balance will be promoted; from 2045 to 2060, new technologies, new business models and new modes such as green electricity to hydrogen, green electricity to methane and green electricity to ammonia in transportation and chemical industry will be widely promoted, the core link role of electricity in the energy system will be given full play, the integration and utilization of secondary energy such as hydrogen energy through electricity to hydrogen and electricity to fuel will help build an interconnected energy system of multiple energy sources and electricity, and multiple types of energy storage facilities such as electricity storage, heat storage, gas storage and hydrogen storage will be Organic combination, focusing on the development of chemical energy storage based on liquid hydrogen and liquid ammonia, compressed air energy storage and other long-time energy storage technology routes.

【Dynamic】Zhengzhou Municipal Councils: Promoting more than 690 hydrogen vehicles by 2023

On the morning of January 4, at the first meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Zhengzhou City, Mayor He Xiong made a government work report to the General Assembly.

In terms of hydrogen energy, the report pointed out that: in 2022, Zhengzhou will prepare a carbon peak action plan and a "carbon-neutral city" construction plan; interim measures for the management of hydrogen refuelling stations will be published and implemented; 12 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built and 617 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, exceeding the provincial target; 8 projects will be signed, including CGNPC, with a total investment of about By 2023, Zhengzhou will accelerate the construction of a demonstration city cluster for the application of fuel cell vehicles, plan to build more than 200 hydrogen refuelling stations and promote the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In 2023, Zhengzhou will accelerate the construction of a demonstration city cluster for the application of fuel cell vehicles, plan to build more than 200 hydrogen refuelling stations and promote more than 690 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Promote the construction of a national pilot zone for the innovation and development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, and create 20 in-depth application scenarios and high-level artificial intelligence application solutions.

【International】Dodge confirms launch of RAM hydrogen fuel cell pickup

Stellantis confirmed to the public at 2023 CES that the Dodge Ram RAM electric pickup truck, a long-range heavy-duty pickup model, will be considered for use with fuel cells.