Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨BMW iX5 fuel cell SUV to land in California; "Air to hydrogen" technology to accelerate landing; Shaanxi, Guangzhou, Nanjing release hydrogen energy related policies

Feb 22, 2023

Based on the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and its industry chain, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of China Battery Industry Association aims to build a high-end communication platform for upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, collect representative opinions from the industry, undertake research work on topics planned by relevant ministries and commissions, promote the improvement of hydrogen and fuel cell-related technologies, and thus promote the progress of China's new energy industry. Vision Battery is the executive vice president of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of the China Battery Industry Association.

【Policy】 Implementation Opinions on Carbon Neutral Work in Guangzhou: Promoting the Development of the Whole Hydrogen Energy Industry Chain and Creating a Number of Hydrogen Energy Industry Hubs and Bases

On February 21, the implementation opinions of Guangzhou Municipality to promote carbon neutral work were issued. The opinion proposes to strengthen the guarantee of diversified energy supply. Strengthen the construction of coal and coal power underwriting capacity, enhance the supply capacity of natural gas, accelerate the development of new energy sources such as solar energy and biomass energy, and promote the gradual withdrawal of traditional energy sources on the basis of the safety and reliability of new energy sources. Promote the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain and build a number of hydrogen energy industry hubs and bases. Build a new type of power system and improve the grid's ability to consume and regulate renewable energy.

Promote clean, low-carbon and efficient energy consumption. Vigorously promote electric energy substitution in industry, urban and rural construction, transportation and other fields. Strengthen the clean and efficient use of coal and orderly reduce its substitution. Expand the natural gas consumption market. Expand the application scenarios of renewable energy such as biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy and hydrogen energy. Build smart energy systems, flexibly lay out distributed energy stations, and actively support the construction of integrated energy projects.

【International】BMW's first iX5 fuel cell SUVs to land in California

In the past year, BMW's layout in the field of hydrogen energy seems to be accelerating. At the end of 2022, the BMW Group said it will start small series production of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen fuel cell model at the pilot plant at the Munich Research and Innovation Centre. BMW has conducted numerous tests on hydrogen fuel cells under demanding conditions during the development phase. BMW also said that the iX5 Hydrogen will be deployed for use and road tests in certain cities from the first quarter of 2023.

Halfway through the quarter, BMW recently said it is currently planning a fleet of BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicles to land in the US.

【Policy】Shaanxi Province Carbon Peak Implementation Plan: Promoting the development of the whole chain of hydrogen energy "production, transportation, storage and use"

On February 17, 2023, the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government publicly released the Shaanxi Province Carbon Peak Implementation Plan. The plan points out that it will promote the development of the whole chain of hydrogen energy "production, transportation, storage and use" and shape the core competitiveness of the hydrogen energy industry in Shaanxi Province.

Accelerate the construction of a multi-energy integration demonstration base for scenery, storage and hydrogen in northern Shaanxi. Accelerate the demonstration and application of compressed air energy storage. Encourage enterprises and parks to promote the construction of "multi-energy complementary" and "source, network, load and storage" integration demonstration projects to demonstrate and lead the development of related industries in the province. Actively promote the development of electrochemical energy storage. Strengthen the safety management of energy storage plants.

Optimize the energy structure of new infrastructure, and actively adopt technologies such as natural cold source, DC power supply, "photovoltaic + energy storage" 5G base stations, and hydrogen fuel cell backup power.

【International】"Air to hydrogen" technology accelerates implementation

A chemical research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne has invented a technical device that collects water from the air and produces hydrogen, a system that combines semiconductor technology with new electrodes to achieve "air-to-hydrogen" using solar energy, with zero emissions throughout the process. Although the key materials and overall conversion efficiency need to be further improved, it provides new ideas for the development of a closed-loop hydrogen energy cycle and the efficient conversion of the whole chain of "production, storage, transportation and use".

【International】 France promotes the development of the hydrogen industry in the EU!

Recently, France, together with eight other EU member states, sent a letter to the European Commission saying that the EU should revise the current rules for the classification of renewable energy sources based on the current EU principle of "technological neutrality" and the principle that "each EU member state decides its own energy structure". Hydrogen from nuclear energy should be included in the classification of low carbon fuels.

There has been a debate in many EU countries about whether to include hydrogen from nuclear energy in the classification of 'low carbon hydrogen'. The industry believes that the EU is likely to revise its current energy development plan following strong calls from France, and that spring may be on the way for the nuclear hydrogen industry.

【Policy】"Nanjing Action Plan for Accelerating the Development of Energy Storage and Hydrogen Industry (2023-2025)" was released

Recently, Nanjing Bureau of Industry and Information released the "Nanjing Action Plan for Accelerating the Development of Energy Storage and Hydrogen Industry (2023-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan"), which clarifies the development goals of hydrogen energy and sets out the key tasks for industrial promotion. The Action Plan proposes that by 2025, Nanjing will build an energy storage industry agglomeration area of Jiangbei-Jiangning-Lishui and a hydrogen energy application demonstration area of Gaochun-Lishui-Jiangbei, build three hydrogen refueling stations, promote 300 fuel cell vehicles, select A batch of hydrogen energy demonstration pilot projects will be selected, and 30 replicable and replicable benchmark demonstration application scenarios will be created.

【News】Successful ignition of a demonstration of natural gas blended hydrogen in households in Hebei

In February, 20 households in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, were able to use natural gas blended with hydrogen in their homes, mixing "green hydrogen" with natural gas and transporting it through the pipeline to the homes of the residents. As one of the research tasks of the Hebei Provincial Key Research and Development Programme project "Research and Development of Key Natural Gas Hydrogen Blending Technology and Application Demonstration", the project will eventually be applied to commercial users, residential users and HCNG vehicles in Zhangjiakou city.

【International】World's first hydrogen-powered excavator to run on UK roads

The UK government recently granted a special dispensation under a vehicle special order to allow British construction equipment manufacturer JCB to test and use its world's first hydrogen-powered backhoe loader on UK roads. The backhoe loader, the first of its kind, offers a groundbreaking solution to help reduce carbon emissions on construction sites.

【Industry】 Taipower's Transformation Strives to Meet 2024 Standards for Gas Blended Hydrogen 5% Power Generation

Taipower held a planned ground-breaking ceremony on February 18, selecting the Xingda Power Plant as a demonstration base for hydrogen-blended power generation. It will create the first hydrogen-blended generating unit in Taiwan by upgrading existing units, and is expected to be officially put into test operation by the end of the year, and is expected to meet the standard of 5% hydrogen-blended power generation demonstration ahead of schedule in 2024. A 16-metre long hydrogen tanker was driven to the site at the groundbreaking ceremony to simulate the future hydrogen blending demonstration operation.