Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨3 million/project! The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) issued guidelines for the declaration of hydrogen energy special projects; Wuhan, Chuzhou, Zhanjiang and Tangshan issued hydrogen energy related policies

Oct 20, 2022

Based on the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and its industry chain, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of the China Battery Industry Association aims to build a high-end communication platform for the industry's upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, collect representative opinions from the industry, undertake research work on topics planned by relevant ministries and commissions, promote the improvement of hydrogen and fuel cell-related technologies, and thus promote the progress of China's new energy industry. Vision Battery is the executive vice president of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Branch of the China Battery Industry Association.

【Policy】 5,000 hydrogen vehicles! 30 hydrogen stations! The 14th Five-Year Plan for Addressing Climate Change in Wuhan (Draft for Public Opinion)

Recently, the Wuhan Bureau of Ecology and Environment released the "14th Five-Year Plan for Addressing Climate Change in Wuhan" (Draft for Public Comments).

One of the aspects of hydrogen energy states that:

Cultivate the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy. With technological breakthroughs and industrial cultivation as the main lines, build a Chinese hydrogen energy hub city with synergistic development of innovation and research, equipment manufacturing and demonstration applications. Actively carry out cooperation and exchanges in the hydrogen energy industry, and rely on Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. to cultivate and build a hydrogen energy energy chain, technology chain and industry chain around hydrogen production (hydrogen source), hydrogen storage and transportation, and hydrogen use, etc. We will cultivate 5-10 key enterprises in hydrogen production (hydrogen source) and hydrogen storage and transportation, gather a number of national, provincial and municipal hydrogen energy and fuel cell research and development, testing and certification institutions, and cultivate and introduce more than 100 leading enterprises in the hydrogen energy industry, such as vehicle production, ship manufacturing, membrane electrodes, electric reactors, key materials and power system integration.

Vigorously promote new energy vehicles. Expand the proportion of clean energy vehicles such as electric power, hydrogen and natural gas, accelerate the construction of infrastructure such as charging and switching facilities, hydrogen refuelling stations, hydrogen storage and transportation centres and hydrogen pipelines, strengthen the coordination with urban and rural construction planning and power grid planning, accelerate the construction of national hydrogen demonstration bases, rely on the construction of the Wuhan fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city cluster, and focus on promoting "medium and long-distance, medium and heavy-duty" fuel cell commercial vehicles. By 2025, the city will be able to provide new energy vehicles for the whole city. By 2025, the scale of new energy vehicles in Wuhan will reach 250,000, the proportion of new energy buses in the central city will reach 100% (except emergency vehicles), and 5,000 fuel cell vehicles will be promoted and applied; 1,200 centralized charging and switching stations and 450,000 charging piles will be built (of which 200,000 will be completed and 250,000 will be ready for installation); more than 30 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built, and a public charging service system will be constructed. Wuhan new energy vehicle public charging service system.

Information source: Wuhan Ecological Environment Bureau

【Policy】Anhui Chuzhou Automotive Equipment Manufacturing "Fourteen Five" Opinions: Accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel cells, liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment and other supporting industries

On October 19, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, issued a public consultation on the "Chuzhou City automobile and equipment manufacturing industry" fourteen five "development plan (draft for comment)," the announcement of comments.

One of the aspects of hydrogen energy states that

1. accelerate the cultivation and development of hydrogen fuel cells and supporting key components; accelerate the development of supporting industries such as hydrogen fuel cells, high-pressure hydrogen storage materials and equipment, and liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment.

2. accelerate the research and development and industrialization of hydrogen storage and transportation technologies, and promote the industrialization of key technologies and system integration of high-power electric reactors, high-performance and long-life key materials, and highly reliable core components.

3. vigorously cultivate and develop the hydrogen energy equipment industry, focusing on the development of new energy equipment with great potential, such as fuel cells, hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, hydrogen refueling station equipment and high-pressure bottle-type hydrogen storage tanks.

Information source: Chuzhou Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information

【Policy】 Guangdong Zhanjiang: actively exploring pilot hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to promote demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles

On October 17, the Zhanjiang Development and Reform Bureau publicly solicited comments on the "14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development in Zhanjiang" (draft for comments).

One of the aspects of hydrogen energy states that

Relying on the advantages of Zhanjiang's energy and petrochemical industries, focus on the research and development of hydrogen production technologies and equipment such as renewable energy hydrogen production and thermochemical hydrogen production, expand the scale of hydrogen energy production, actively expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, orderly promote the application of new clean energy such as hydrogen energy in the field of transportation, and promote the pilot work of hydrogen refuelling stations with multiple stations in one. Actively explore the application of solar thermal power generation technology, and in due course develop integrated renewable energy power generation projects for solar thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation and wind power complementary regulation. Explore the development of geothermal energy and ocean energy.

Plan the pilot construction of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, promote the demonstration of the application of fuel cell vehicles, support the use of existing sites and facilities to carry out integrated supply services of gas and diesel, liquefied/compressed natural gas, hydrogen and charging, and support large port areas to build "hydrogen energy green zero carbon ports".

Combining Zhanjiang's strengths in hydrogen energy production, explore the possibility and economics of interconnecting with Hainan for hydrogen energy infrastructure.

Source: Zhanjiang Municipal Development and Reform Commission

【Policy】 Hunan Province: Exploring the pilot of integrated electric and hydrogen energy to strengthen hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology research

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province issued a notice on "Implementation Plan of Hunan Province to Promote Green and Low Carbon Transformation of Energy to Do a Good Job in Carbon Peak", in which the hydrogen energy aspect points out that

Actively explore strategic and forward-looking technologies, conquer key technologies for efficient hydrogen preparation, storage and transportation and fuel cells, carry out research on advanced nuclear energy system technologies such as small modular reactors, and deploy carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies in due course.

Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology research. Encourage the research and industrial demonstration of key technologies such as high-performance fuel cells and efficient hydrogen production, purification, storage and transportation, and hydrogen refuelling stations in Yueyang, Changzhutan, Hengyang and other areas with conditions for hydrogen energy production and utilization. Focus on breakthroughs in large-scale, high-efficiency and long-life proton exchange membrane electrolytic water hydrogen production technology, and study the integration of electrolytic water hydrogen production technology and renewable energy power generation synergistic technology innovation. Actively explore hydrogen energy metallurgy and cement clinker calcination hydrogen energy utilization technology.

Increase the scale of renewable energy utilization in the industrial field and accelerate the application of clean energy such as wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen energy in key high energy-consuming industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials and chemical industry.

Information source: Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province

【Policy】Beijing Carbon Peak Implementation Plan: Promote the scale and synergistic layout of hydrogen energy industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei!

On October 13, the Beijing Municipal People's Government issued the "Beijing Carbon Peak Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). In which the hydrogen energy aspect states that

Strengthen low-carbon technology innovation. Focusing on the major strategic technological needs of peak carbon and carbon neutrality, promote the construction of national laboratories in the energy sector and plan the layout of a number of new R&D institutions and research platforms. Carry out special actions for carbon peak and carbon neutral science and technology innovation, build a platform for iterative verification of energy technologies, and carry out technological research and development in key areas such as new energy utilization, smart energy internet, new energy vehicles, smart transportation systems, hydrogen energy, energy storage, zero carbon technology for buildings, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), and forest sink enhancement, etc., to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies and industrial demonstration applications as soon as possible.

Investing in building a green and low-carbon transport system. Optimise the travel structure, implement low-carbon concepts, strengthen the construction of urban slow-moving systems such as bicycle lanes and pedestrian trails, continue to promote the construction of rail transit systems, and gradually reduce the intensity of minibus travel. Adjust the structure of vehicles, formulate medium and long-term development plans for new energy vehicles, vigorously promote the "oil-for-electricity" exchange of motor vehicles, and during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, municipal buses (except for mountain routes and emergency vehicles), cruising taxis (except for social security and individual vehicles), and New light sanitation vehicles (except those without alternative models) will be fully equipped with new energy; logistics and distribution vehicles under 4.5 tons (excluding dangerous goods transport vehicles, cold chain transport vehicles, postal communication vehicles and suburban postal barges) that have applied for truck permits will basically use new energy vehicles; the large-scale application of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles will be promoted; and the urban road charging and hydrogen refuelling network will be gradually improved.

Information source: Beijing Municipal People's Government

【Policy】Tangshan, Hebei: Exploring and fostering the integration of "offshore wind power + hydrogen storage" and encouraging the integration of "offshore wind power + hydrogen ammonia"

Recently, the Tangshan Municipal Government released the Tangshan Offshore Wind Power Development Plan (2022-2035), in which hydrogen energy is stated as follows.

Explore and cultivate a new model for the integrated development and application of "offshore wind power + hydrogen storage", and form demonstrations in the areas of wind power consumption and grid peaking.

Actively cultivate new industries such as energy storage, hydrogen energy, renewable energy desalination and integrated intelligent energy, and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive wind power and related industrial system.

Encourage the integration of "offshore wind power + hydrogen ammonia". Take advantage of hydrogen energy's long adjustment cycle and large storage capacity, carry out demonstrations of hydrogen energy storage in offshore wind power consumption, grid peaking and other application scenarios, and foster the development of a new model for the integrated application of "offshore wind power + hydrogen energy storage". Actively promote the layout of offshore wind power + seawater desalination and electrolytic water hydrogen production, and develop off-grid offshore wind power and hydrogen production integration demonstration projects. Strengthen the development path of integrating the hydrogen and ammonia industries at home and abroad, and encourage and support the use of ammonia for hydrogen storage, supply and substitution, and promote the integrated development of hydrogen and ammonia, and promote the implementation of a number of hydrogen and ammonia scale demonstration projects.

Information source: Tangshan Municipal People's Government

【Industry】The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) released the project guidelines for "Basic Research on Hydrogen Production and Storage under the Double Carbon Target".

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) issued a notice on the publication of the "Basic Research on Hydrogen Production and Storage under the Dual Carbon Target" project guide (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide") for the "Dual Carbon" special project of the Department of Engineering and Materials Science. (hereinafter referred to as "the Notice").

In order to promote basic research for the national "carbon neutral" strategic goal, the Department of Engineering and Materials Science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has released a special project guideline on "Basic Research on Hydrogen Production and Storage under the Double Carbon Goal". This project aims at the core scientific issues of low/zero carbon hydrogen production and large capacity hydrogen storage, and carries out interdisciplinary research to lay the theoretical foundation for the development of energy systems for hydrogen production and decarbonization, renewable energy hydrogen production pathways and efficient underground hydrogen storage technologies, and to promote the development of hydrogen production and storage technologies under the "two-carbon" target. The following directions are supported.

(1) Synergistic conversion of hydrogen production and carbon.
(2) Off-grid hydrogen production from renewable energy sources for power transmission and conversion.
(3) Hydrogen transport and regulation in underground porous reservoirs.

The funding period of this special project is three years, and the average funding intensity is about RMB 3 million per project, with three to four projects to be funded.

This special project is not counted in the total number of applications and undertakings from the beginning of the application until the NSFC makes the decision of funding or not, and is counted in the total number of applications and undertakings after being funded.

Information source: National Natural Science Foundation of China