Vision Hydrogen Weekly丨200 million for a single item and 14 subsidies! Zhejiang's first "Several Policy Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Provincial Demonstration Sites for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (Draft for Comments)

Mar 30, 2022

【Policy】 Tianjin: Strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure such as hydrogen refueling and promote green technological innovation and research in energy storage, hydrogen energy, and other fields

On March 29, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government released the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Establishment of a Sound Economic System of Green, Low-Carbon and Circular Development in Tianjin".

The hydrogen energy aspect of the project states: to enhance the level of green development of transportation infrastructure. (Municipal Transport Commission and the people's governments of each district are responsible for their respective responsibilities.) Strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging and switching, hydrogen refilling and other facilities for new energy vehicles. Encourage research and development of green and low-carbon technologies. To address the basic needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, clean production, clean energy and other green industrial technology innovation, promote green technology innovation and research in areas such as energy storage, hydrogen energy, key materials and core equipment for seawater desalination, and comprehensive utilization of concentrated salt water.

Information source: Tianjin Municipal People's Government

【Policy】Single 200 million and 14 subsidies! Zhejiang's First "Several Policy Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Provincial Demonstration Sites for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (Draft for Comments)" Released

On March 24, the People's Government of Jiashan County released the "Opinions on Several Policies to Accelerate the Promotion of Provincial Demonstration Sites for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (Draft for Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Comments").

The Draft Opinion intends to subsidize 14 clauses in 4 major aspects, namely strengthening industry attraction and cultivation, supporting enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, enhancing industrial R&D and innovation capacity and accelerating demonstration and application promotion.

Information source: People's Government of Jiashan County

【Policy】Following the national pace! The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Automotive Industry in Anhui Province: Support for Localities to Actively Participate in the Construction of City Groups for Demonstration and Application of Fuel Cell Vehicles

On March 25, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology jointly issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Automotive Industry in Anhui Province" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan").

The Plan proposes to support model and industry innovation, support the active participation of localities in the construction of fuel cell vehicle demonstration and application city clusters, develop application scenarios based on local characteristics, focus on promoting the demonstration and operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in public transport, urban logistics and ports, and strengthen the layout of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen energy industry chain. Lay out the hydrogen fuel supply system in an orderly manner, and accelerate the layout and construction of hydrogen refuelling stations in the province in accordance with the principle of "overall planning, reasonable layout and step-by-step implementation", with the aim of promoting the synergistic development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and the fuel cell vehicle industry. Accelerate the improvement of management specifications and construction standards for the design, construction and operation of hydrogen refuelling stations. Give full play to the government's planning and guidance role, and encourage energy companies and social capital to participate in the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure.

By 2025, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the basic formation of pure electric, plug-in hybrid power as a supplement, hydrogen fuel demonstration development pattern; independent innovation capacity significantly improved, in a new generation of vehicle platform, efficient powertrain hydrogen fuel cell, intelligent operating system and other areas to achieve 10 key core technology independent breakthrough, to reach the international advanced level.

Information source: Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission

【News】International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cells (IPHE) publishes "Rules for International Trade in Hydrogen and its Carriers

Recently, the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cells (IPHE) released a workshop report on "International Trade Rules for Hydrogen and its Carriers" (hereinafter referred to as "the workshop report") to showcase the future potential of international trade in hydrogen and the current status of the project, and to study the challenges and solutions for establishing a hydrogen trade system.

The workshop report notes that decarbonising the global energy system is complex and that energy carriers such as hydrogen (and its derivatives) will play a crucial role in reducing future carbon emissions as countries and regions around the world develop ambitious net-zero emission strategies and targets. Hydrogen energy is well suited to sectors where decarbonisation options are limited and emissions reductions are difficult. For hydrogen energy to become a practical solution for the energy transition, it will need to be transported and traded on an international scale, in addition to being available in sufficient quantities, at an acceptable cost and with low or zero carbon emissions in its production and application.

The workshop report outlines potential opportunities for achieving large-scale international trade in hydrogen energy in the future.
Information source: CHA, Hydrogen Energy Alliance

【News】Japan's NEDO Releases "Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Vehicle Technology Roadmap

On March 18, Japan's New Energy Industry Technology Development Organization (NEDO) released the Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV) Technology Roadmap (hereinafter referred to as the "Roadmap"). The Roadmap describes the current status of fuel cell heavy-duty transportation applications and sets specific targets and technology development topics for the years 2030 and 2040. The Roadmap provides the direction for industry, academic research institutions and others to pursue technologies that will accelerate the efficient development of fuel cell heavy-duty transportation.

The Roadmap states that by 2030, Japan will achieve a 20-30% penetration rate of fuel cell heavy-duty transportation in new commercial vehicles below 8 tons, introduce 5,000 commercial vehicles above 8 tons first, and fully promote the fuel cell heavy-duty transportation in application scenarios such as trucks, ships, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural machinery in major countries at home and abroad, entering the stage of full penetration of fuel cell heavy-duty transportation; by 2040, fuel cell By 2040, the global deployment of fuel cell heavy-duty trucks will reach 1.5 million units, achieving carbon neutrality in fuel cell heavy-duty transportation and contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality in transportation by 2050.

Source: CHA, Hydrogen Energy Alliance

【News】Chengdu: Accelerate the construction of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure

On March 23, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment issued the "Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Chengdu in 2022" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"), which proposes to accelerate the construction of new energy supporting facilities, speed up the construction of new energy charging (replacement) power and hydrogen refueling infrastructure, formulate the construction of new energy infrastructure during the 14th Five-Year Plan and the implementation plan for 2022. The programme and the 2022 annual decomposition and implementation plan will optimize the layout of charging and switching infrastructure and hydrogen refuelling stations; encourage social capital to participate in the construction of charging (switching) power stations (piles) and hydrogen refuelling stations and provide public services; and carry out feasibility studies on the transformation of existing gas stations into charging (switching) power stations (piles) and hydrogen refuelling stations.

Information source: Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau

【News】50 units! Jiaxing Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Co., Ltd. 2022 49-ton fuel cell standard-load tractor procurement and leasing project tender

Recently, Jiaxing Public Resources Transaction Center released a tender announcement for the procurement and leasing project of 49-ton fuel cell standard-load tractor for 2022 of Jiaxing Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Company Limited, which requires the procurement of 20 49-ton fuel cell standard-load tractors for a total of RMB 75 million with a leasing period of 5 years.

Information source: Polaris Hydrogen Energy Network

【Industry】Two Japanese companies collaborate to develop a turquoise hydrogen efficient hydrogen production process

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. recently announced that they will collaborate to develop a process to produce hydrogen by microwave thermal decomposition of methane. The two companies expect to begin commercial production of the process in the early 2130s, with a target annual production capacity of tens of thousands of tonnes.

According to Sumitomo Chemical, among the hydrogen production methods, the hydrogen obtained by pyrolysis of methane is called turquoise hydrogen, which is between green hydrogen and blue hydrogen in terms of environmental friendliness. The method also allows for the simultaneous production of solid carbon materials with high utilization value, such as carbon black and carbon nanotubes. However, the methane pyrolysis reaction requires a large amount of heat and reducing the energy required in the production process will be an important research issue. Sumitomo Chemical will use Microwave Chemistry's microwave platform technology in combination with its own catalysts to reduce the energy and carbon footprint required for hydrogen production and to scale up manufacturing facilities. The two companies are already conducting laboratory-scale experiments at Microwave Chemistry and expect to have the process established by 2026.

Information source: Global Hydrogen Energy

【Industry】 IDG leads Doosan Innovation's KRW 27 billion investment in high-power water-cooled hydrogen fuel cell system and high-capacity hydrogen-powered logistics drone

Doosan Innovation announced on the 29th that it will receive KRW 27 billion (approximately RMB 150 million) from IDG Capital, Korea Investment Partners and DS AssetManagement to develop a high-power water-cooled hydrogen fuel cell system and a hydrogen-powered logistics drone with a large payload.

This investment is the result of recognition of the future value and growth potential of the ultra-lightweight hydrogen fuel cell mobility market," said Doosan Innovation CEO Doo-Soon Lee. We will diversify our mobility business through lightweight hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Information source: Gaogong Hydrogen Power