Vision hydrogen Fuel Cell Weekly Report丨Renewable hydrogen production reaches 200,000 tons/year, 60 hydrogen refueling stations! Erdos issues three-year action plan for hydrogen energy

Apr 20, 2022

【Policy】 "Interim Measures for the Construction and Management of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in Beijing (Draft for Comments)" was released.

On 18 April, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management issued the Interim Measures for the Construction and Management of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in Beijing (Draft for Comments).

In terms of regulatory responsibilities, the Operational Management Measures require that -
the city administration department is responsible for the supervision and management of the operation of hydrogen refuelling stations in the city and for implementing supervision and management of the safe production and quality of hydrogen supply in hydrogen refuelling stations
the emergency department is responsible for implementing comprehensive supervision and management of the safety production of the operation of hydrogen refuelling stations and the supply and use of hydrogen in the stations; and for carrying out investigation and analysis of safety accidents in hydrogen refuelling stations
The market supervision department is responsible for implementing supervision and management of special equipment such as pressure vessels and pressure pipelines involved in hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as for implementing supervision and management of the quality of hydrogen in hydrogen refuelling stations.
The fire service is responsible for implementing supervision and management of fire safety in hydrogen refuelling stations and guiding the development of fire emergency drills and emergency disposal work in hydrogen refuelling stations.
The comprehensive law enforcement department is responsible for exercising the administrative penalties exercised by the administrative authorities of urban management, emergency response and market supervision.
Information source: Beijing Municipal People's Government

【Policy】 "Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Erdos City (2022-2024)" was released

On April 18, Inner Mongolia Erdos Municipal People's Government released the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Erdos (2022-2024)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan").

The Action Plan proposes to form a new hydrogen production system with renewable hydrogen as the main production capacity and low-carbon hydrogen as a supplement, so as to achieve a full replacement of fossil energy hydrogen production. By 2024, more than 8 demonstration projects of hydrogen production from renewable energy will be carried out, the output of renewable hydrogen will reach 200,000 tons/year, 60 hydrogen refilling stations will be built in total, more than 3,000 fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, more than 5 green chemical projects of 100,000 tons will be built, and more than 3 municipal-level hydrogen energy industry innovation and cooperation platforms will be built.

Information source: Inner Mongolia Erdos Municipal People's Government

【Policy】The "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes to speed up the revision of the standard system for the safe production of hydrogen energy.

Recently, the Safety Production Committee of the State Council released the National Safety Production Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). The Plan sets out the main targets for production safety in the 14th Five-Year Plan, proposes seven major tasks and condenses six types of major projects.

As for hydrogen energy, the Plan proposes in one of the seven main tasks of optimizing the legal order of production safety board to strengthen the construction of the standard system and accelerate the production safety standard making and revision in emerging fields such as electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen energy, coal chemical industry and distributed photovoltaic power generation.

Information source: Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China

【Industry】Yangtze River Daily: 320 hydrogen vehicles nationwide equipped with Vision Hydrogen fuel cell system.

Hydrogen energy has been hailed as the ultimate clean energy source due to its high efficiency, environmental protection and zero emission characteristics, and major developed countries around the world have introduced policies to support it. China's hydrogen energy industry has entered a rapid development stage under the goal of carbon neutrality with carbon peaking.

As a leader in the development of hydrogen energy industry, Vision shares are attracting much attention. Recently, the relevant person in charge of Vision Hydrogen was interviewed by a reporter from Yangtze River Daily, and the report showed the operation and maintenance of Vision Hydrogen Energy's supporting hydrogen vehicles.

As of March this year, 320 hydrogen vehicles in operation nationwide are equipped with Wuhan Vision's hydrogen fuel cell system, driving over 12 million kilometres in three years and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 18 million kilograms, equivalent to planting more than 130,000 trees.

Li Wei, deputy general manager of Vision Hydrogen marketing department in central China, told reporters that hydrogen fuel cells occupy an important position in achieving the "double carbon" target and are ushering in a period of high-quality development. In the past quarter, Vision Hydrogen reached 60 million orders, which is 50% of the annual production target ahead of schedule.

Source: Vision Hydrogen

【Industry】《Hydrogen Energy Tram Operation Technical Specification》Group Standard Released

Recently, the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Association published the "Technical Specification for the Operation of Hydrogen Energy Trams", a group standard. This standard will be implemented from April 8, 2022.

This document specifies the terms and definitions for the operation of hydrogen energy trams, as well as the technical requirements and operational management requirements for the general rules, routes, roadbeds and tracks, buildings and structures, roads and protected areas, power supply systems, communication systems, signalling systems, integrated monitoring systems, electromechanical systems and equipment, vehicles and vehicle bases, and hydrogen refuelling stations. This document applies to the demand management in the planning and construction phase and the technical management in the operation phase of hydrogen energy trams.

Information source: Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Association

【News】Vision Hydrogen and Hydrogen Blue Times to promote the development of Shenzhen hydrogen energy industry

Recently, Chen Hong, General Manager of Vision Hydrogen, visited Jin Xiaohui, Chairman of Hydrogen Blue Times, and both sides discussed the development of hydrogen energy under the background of "double carbon". Both sides agreed that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become an important green solution and that the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market in China has great potential and is a very important part of the global layout of hydrogen energy technology.

The Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan proposes that by 2025, a more complete hydrogen energy industry development ecological system will be formed and the scale of the hydrogen energy industry will reach 50 billion RMB. Looking ahead to 2035, Shenzhen has set a target of reaching 200 billion RMB in hydrogen energy industry. Shenzhen has a certain foundation for the development of the hydrogen energy industry, and both sides have expressed their intention to cooperate in the hydrogen fuel market in a deep bundle for mutual assistance and benefit, and jointly promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Shenzhen. Both sides reached a consensus to establish a sound cooperation linkage mechanism, give full play to the advantages of both sides, thoroughly implement the development plan of Shenzhen's hydrogen energy industry, strive to be the industry leader and contribute to the development of Shenzhen's hydrogen energy industry.

Information source: Vision Hydrogen

【Policy】Successful test of transporting liquid hydrogen between Japan and Australia may promote the use of hydrogen energy in Japan

On April 20, it was reported that a consortium of companies, including Iwatani Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, held a ceremony in Kobe, Japan, on April 9 to celebrate the success of a demonstration trial of using a special ship to transport liquid hydrogen from Australia.

According to the report, hydrogen is expected by the Japanese industry as a next-generation energy source for a decarbonised society, and the consortium will advance the issue of validation technology and intensify the construction of an international supply chain in the future.

Information source: Global Hydrogen Energy

【Policy】GaoGong Research|Vision Hydrogen Electric Reactor "bursts forth"

2022 GaoGong Hydrogen Power Tour Research Activity - Enter Vision Hydrogen.

Vision Hydrogen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vision Corporation, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of fuel cell power reactors. Vision Group has been developing and manufacturing batteries for nearly 30 years and has demonstrated strong engineering capabilities and experience in production and operation. Vision Hydrogen Rays adheres to Vision's proven "methodology" and insists on focusing on customer needs and putting all the details into the development process, including product development, quality control, production line layout and big data analysis.

At present, there are about 120 people in the Vision Hydrogen team. In the past 2-3 years, we have attracted many doctors and masters to join us and work together on the hydrogen energy business, and the whole team has a very good atmosphere and a positive and progressive company culture. Relying on the resources of Xiongtao shares, Vision Hydrogen actively cooperates with universities and colleges to occupy the high ground of forward-looking technology and break the technical bottleneck.

Source: Gaogong Hydrogen Power