Vision fuel cell weekly report丨Ministry of Education: Accelerate the training of hydrogen energy talents!

May 11, 2022

【Policy】1:1 state subsidy for hydrogen vehicles! Jiaxing Jiagang District Releases "Support Policy for Hydrogen Industry Development in Jiaxing Port District

On May 10, the Jiaxing Jiagang District Committee issued the "Support Policy for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Jiagang District" (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy").

The Policy provides clear support for the hydrogen energy industry in terms of accelerating the cultivation of the industry, enhancing the momentum of industrial innovation, accelerating the promotion of demonstration applications and strengthening the support of elements and resources.

Promote the development and growth of enterprises. Encourage the existing key hydrogen energy leading enterprises within the port area to base on innovation and development, increase R&D and production, actively explore the market and strengthen their strength. Focus on the broken points and weak points of the hydrogen energy industry chain, increase investment attraction and introduce backbone enterprises or investment projects with industry-driven effects. For the key components or end-product projects of the hydrogen energy industry settled in Jiaxing Port District with a total investment (excluding R&D investment) of 100 million yuan or more but less than 500 million yuan, subsidies will be given at 10% of the investment in equipment, up to a maximum of 20 million yuan; for a total investment (excluding R&D investment) of 500 million yuan or more, subsidies will be given at 12% of the investment in equipment, up to a maximum of 40 million yuan for a single project. The maximum subsidy for a single project shall not exceed 40 million yuan; for productive enterprises leasing production and office premises, a certain rental subsidy shall be given, according to the "one-off" implementation. [Responsible departments (units): Investment Promotion Bureau, Development and Reform, Economic and Information Business Bureau, Finance Branch, Binhai Group Company, New Economic Park Company]

Information source: Jiaxing City, Jia Gang District Committee

【Policy】Ministry of Education: Accelerate the cultivation of hydrogen talents! Work Plan for Strengthening the Cultivation System of Higher Education Talents for Carbon Dafeng and Carbon Neutrality issued

On 7 May, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China issued the Work Plan for Strengthening the Cultivation System of Carbon Dafeng Carbon Neutral Higher Education Talents (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan").

The Programme points out that, in principle, scientific research and judgement and prioritization are required in the work. Strengthen the forecast of talent demand in key industries, combine the laws of talent growth, education and teaching, and science and technology innovation in the new era, accelerate the training of shortage talents in new energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy and carbon capture, and actively plan the upgrading of traditional energy, transportation, materials, management and other related professions.

Key tasks

1. Accelerate the training of scarce talents. Accelerate the construction of disciplines related to energy storage and hydrogen energy. With the goal of large-scale renewable energy consumption, promote universities to accelerate the training of talents in the field of energy storage and hydrogen energy, serve the needs of large-capacity and long-cycle energy storage, and achieve full chain coverage.
2. Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. Increase the introduction of overseas high-level talents. Encourage universities to actively attract overseas outstanding talents in carbon dioxide capture and storage, clean utilization of fossil energy, frontier technology of renewable energy, energy storage and hydrogen energy, carbon economy and policy research, etc., and gather overseas high-level talents to participate in the construction and scientific research of carbon neutral disciplines.
Information source: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

【Industry】 Encourage Oil-Hydrogen Integrated Stations! Interim Measures for the Management of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in Guangzhou" was considered and adopted

On May 6, the 8th executive meeting of the 16th municipal government considered and adopted the Interim Measures for the Management of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in Guangzhou. The Measures state that various departments of the municipal and district governments will increase their encouragement and support policies for the hydrogen refuelling stations built and put into use, and promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of hydrogen refuelling stations by means of supporting funds, financial loans and land policy support. After the acceptance of the hydrogen refuelling station construction project, the urban management departments of each district will issue a Gas Operation Permit to the operator of the hydrogen refuelling station in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and operate within the scope stipulated in the permit matters; the market supervision departments will issue a Gas Cylinder Filling Permit in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

The hydrogen refuelling station referred to in the Measures refers to the special place and special facilities for filling hydrogen fuel for the hydrogen storage cylinders (tanks) of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles or hydrogen natural gas hybrid fuel vehicles, including integrated hydrogen refuelling stations, fixed hydrogen refuelling stations and skid-mounted hydrogen refuelling stations. The Measures state that, subject to the relevant standards and safety conditions, enterprises are encouraged to speed up the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations, and Guangzhou encourages enterprises to promote the construction of integrated energy stations that combine oil, hydrogen and gas with vehicle refuelling stations or gas filling stations. The planning of hydrogen refuelling stations is based on the principle of moderate advancement.

Information source: Hydrogen Cloud Chain

【News】 Including several hydrogen industries! NDRC and MOFCOM open for comments on the Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment (2022 Edition)

On May 10, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce announced the Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment (2022 Version) (Draft for Public Comments), which contains several hydrogen industries, namely: hydrogen fuel green preparation technology (chemical by-product hydrogen production, biological hydrogen production, electrolytic water hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, etc.), storage, transportation, liquefaction; hydrogen energy preparation and storage equipment and inspection system manufacturing; key components of new energy vehicles R&D and manufacture of key components for new energy vehicles: air compressors, hydrogen circulation pumps, hydrogen emitters, humidifiers, fuel cell control systems, booster DC/DC, 70MPa hydrogen cylinders, on-board hydrogen concentration sensors; manufacturing of high-tech green batteries: power nickel-hydrogen batteries, zinc-nickel batteries, sodium salt batteries, zinc-silver batteries, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, etc.; construction and operation of hydrogen refuelling stations; automotive compressed hydrogen gas plastic liner carbon fiber fully wound cylinders.

Information source: National Development and Reform Commission

【Policy】Tens of Billions of Revenue, Thousands of Hydrogen Vehicles! Gansu's first hydrogen energy industry development plan released

In order to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, implement the strategy of "strong industry and strong provincial capital" of the provincial party committee, and make efforts to revitalize "Made in Lanzhou", according to the Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035) and the "Action Plan for Strong Industry in Gansu Province In accordance with the Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035) and the Gansu Province Action Plan for Stronger Industry (2022-2025), and other documents. Recently, the "Implementation Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Lanzhou City (2022-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was officially issued.

The Programme proposes that by 2025, Lanzhou will be built into a hydrogen energy industry base with certain influence in the country, so that the hydrogen energy industry will become a new driving force for the city's economic development. The hydrogen energy industry will strive to achieve a main business income of more than 10 billion yuan, build more than two new hydrogen energy-related technology research and development platforms, build more than one new hydrogen gas testing platform, cultivate more than 20 enterprises engaged in hydrogen energy-related business, initially establish a sound hydrogen energy industry system covering the city and radiating the province, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and its supporting capacity. Build more than 20 hydrogen refuelling stations covering the whole area of Lanzhou, promote the application of more than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles in the fields of public transport, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, taxis, official vehicles and shared cars, and form a comprehensive hydrogen energy transportation network with Lanzhou as the centre and radiating the whole province. Focus on the implementation of seven major projects, and strive to build a fuel cell vehicle demonstration and application city.

Information source: Hydrogen Cloud Chain

【News】BAIC Foton, FAW Jiefang, Yutong Bus and Golden Dragon joint on the list! Beijing Releases Annual Model Consortium Leaders

On May 6, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology released the "Public Announcement of Lead Enterprises to Undertake the "Demonstration Application Consortium" for the 2021-2022 Beijing Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Application Project", with the list of lead units shown in Figure 1. In terms of the promotion of demonstration applications in the city cluster, Beijing as a whole is following in the footsteps of Shanghai, but with some innovations in the details according to the actual situation.

Information source: Vision

【Industry】 Chinese Ambassador to the UK: China and UK have a bright future for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy

On 28 April, to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, the first "Sino-British Hydrogen Energy Cooperation Forum" was held in Manchester. The forum was organised by the Consulate General in Manchester, the British Council for China Affairs and the Greater Manchester Anglo-Chinese Association, and was held in Wuhan, China, and Manchester, UK, back-to-back. Wuhan University of Technology and Manchester Metropolitan University hosted the event, and the Foreign Affairs Office of Hubei Province, Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office, Tsinghua University's Centre for Strategic and Security Studies China Forum and the British Consulate General in Wuhan participated in the preparatory work.

At the opening ceremony, Ambassador Zheng Zeguang delivered an important speech entitled "Strengthening Green Hydrogen Energy Cooperation, Creating New Highlights of Sino-British Cooperation". Ambassador Zheng said that in recent years, China and the UK have implemented a number of cooperation projects on hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy industrial parks. Looking into the future, the two countries have great potential and broad prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy. The two sides should encourage local governments of both countries to strengthen policy communication and docking, and actively build platforms for enterprises of both sides to create new highlights of mutually beneficial cooperation; carry out cooperation in hydrogen energy science and technology research and development, and join hands to promote cooperation in technology, materials and equipment innovation in the whole hydrogen energy industry chain; strengthen international cooperation in hydrogen energy standardization, and create a good ecology for the development of the international hydrogen energy industry; and actively explore the development of hydrogen energy cooperation with partner countries of the "Belt and Road". We will also actively explore tripartite cooperation with partner countries of the "One Belt One Road" in the areas of hydrogen energy trade, infrastructure construction and hydrogen energy development.

Information source: Hydrogen Cloud Chain

【Dynamic】 Zhejiang Province released 15 key investment platforms for hydrogen energy industry projects

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province issued the "Zhejiang Province Marine Industry Key Investment Direction Directory and Platform Layout Guidelines (Version 1.0)", clarifying nine key investment directions, such as marine electronics, marine biomedicine, new marine materials, high-end ships and offshore equipment, hydrogen energy, oil and gas industry chain, modern marine fisheries, modern port and maritime services and coastal cultural tourism, etc., screening to determine a number of project-bearing platforms and blocks. To provide guidelines for the planning, attraction and landing of major projects in the marine industry.

According to the platform layout guidelines, 15 regional economic development zones, including Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Taizhou, Jinhua and Quzhou, are included in the hydrogen industry bearing platform.

Information source: Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province