Vision Fuel Cell Weekly 丨 GM plans to promote fuel cell Chevrolet pickup trucks, the U.S. plans to invest $ 34 million to support clean hydrogen energy technology

Aug 23, 2023

Industries Dynamic

India to produce green hydrogen on a large scale by 2030

India plans to become a producer and exporter of green hydrogen by 2030 and is in discussions with domestic and foreign investors to facilitate financing of clean energy projects in the country, according to Axiomtek, a global provider of market information on the energy and chemicals industry.

The Indian government has approved 48 proposals from a wide range of industries that will have a green hydrogen capacity of 3.5 million tonnes per annum by 2030, the data showed. These proposals involve projects that are part of India's National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM) programme, which was launched in January this year, with a capital outlay of 197.4 billion rupees (Rs 17.23 billion). The plan aims to make India a global hub for the manufacture and export of green hydrogen, with a projected 5 million tonnes/year of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030, so that the country can achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2070.

GM: Commercialisation of fuel cells by 2024, Chevrolet pickup preferred

According to foreign media sources, General Motors has said that it will soon operate fuel cells commercially. GM said that in 2024 will be the Chevrolet 3500 such as large pickup trucks to promote the production of hydrogen fuel cell system, GM said that hydrogen fuel cell is the first choice for trucks and heavy transport mode of zero emissions.

It is reported that GM hydrogen fuel cell system and Honda co-development. On 2 February this year, Honda held a press conference on the hydrogen energy business strategic plan. The focus was on planning for hydrogen energy development. Honda said that the new generation of fuel cell systems jointly developed with GM will strive to double the durability and reduce the cost to one-third.

19 R&D projects! U.S. Department of Energy Announces $34 Million to Support Clean Hydrogen Energy Technologies

Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it will invest $34 million to support 19 research and development projects on cutting-edge clean hydrogen energy technologies. This initiative is designed to help the U.S. meet its decarbonisation goals and promote clean energy.

This investment by the U.S. Department of Energy is an important support and boost to clean energy development. With the growing global concern over climate change, clean energy has become a common focus for all countries. As an emerging form of energy, clean hydrogen energy has tremendous potential. By investing in and supporting the development of clean hydrogen energy technologies, DOE will make a significant contribution to the United States' goal of decarbonisation.

Industry Policy

Shanghai: Accelerate the new energy use of vehicles in the public sector in the demonstration area, and improve charging piles, hydrogen refuelling stations and other supporting facilities

On 22 August, the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission issued the "Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Comprehensive Transportation Special Plan".

The plan proposes to promote transport co-operation to reduce carbon emissions and green development, from the transport model, transport equipment, transport facilities and other aspects of co-operation to promote energy saving, carbon reduction and green development in the field of transport. Accelerate the new energy use of vehicles in the public sector of the demonstration zone, and reasonably improve the charging piles, hydrogen refuelling stations, shore power and other related support. Promote the construction and transformation of green roads, green harbours, green waterways, green stations, etc., actively promote the innovation of green and low-carbon materials, technologies and management modes in infrastructure, and explore the layout of hydrogen, photovoltaic and other clean energy facilities according to local conditions. It has taken the lead in implementing greener traffic management policies in near-zero-carbon demonstration zones such as water town living rooms.

Xinjiang Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) sent a letter inviting to join "Xinjiang Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Alliance".

On 22 August, the Xinjiang Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued a letter inviting participation in the Xinjiang Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Alliance. The document pointed out that, combined with the needs of the current stage of hydrogen industry development, under the guidance of the regional hydrogen industry work coordination mechanism, universities, research institutes, State Grid Corporation, power generation enterprises and manufacturing enterprises and other units to jointly set up the "Xinjiang Hydrogen Industry Development Alliance", to jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the hydrogen industry in Xinjiang, high quality development.

Docking hydrogen energy industry development needs, gathering advantageous resources, the establishment of hydrogen energy industry co-operation and innovation mechanism, around the common concern of the development direction, development path, technology research, market mechanism and demonstration application, etc. to carry out cutting-edge technology discussion and research, build enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, production, research and use of hydrogen energy industry technology innovation system closely integrated, through the demonstration project, to achieve the transformation of innovation results on the ground. In due course, the establishment of academician workstation, to carry out technology research and development, scientific and technological research, industrialisation demonstration, unveiling of the list of marshals and other topics of research.

Zhangjiakou, Hebei: Promote 1130 Fuel Cell Vehicles by 2023 and Build 14 Hydrogen Filling Stations

Zhangjiakou City recently issued "Zhangjiakou City to accelerate the construction of fuel cell vehicle demonstration and application of urban agglomeration action plan (2023-2025)", will be through the vehicle demonstration and promotion of application to drive the industrial application of technology, actively explore new business models, improve the construction of the policy system, to build a safe and efficient, cost-controllable model for the development of the fuel cell automobile industry, will Zhangjiakou To create a national hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industry innovation and development of highland, for the construction of Chinese-style modernisation Zhangjiakou chapter to provide strong support.

The programme proposes that by the end of the demonstration period, technological breakthroughs and industrialization of electric stacks, fuel cell engines, vehicle manufacturing, etc. will be achieved, 1,130 fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, 14 hydrogen filling stations will be built, the hydrogen supply capacity will fully meet the demand for hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, and the terminal price of automotive hydrogen will be reduced to less than 30 yuan/kg. The construction of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry chain system will be further improved, large-scale demonstration operation will be realised, and a number of leading domestic enterprises with international competitiveness will be formed.

Expand the promotion and application scenarios. Increase the demonstration and application of specific scenarios for hydrogen energy vehicles, and promote a total of 765 fuel cell vehicles by the end of 2023, and a total of more than 1,130 fuel cell vehicles by the end of 2025.

The maximum price limit is 12/kg! Hebei Renqiu purchases 100 tonnes of hydrogen for hydrogen bus vehicles

On August 22, Hebei Renqiu Municipal Transportation Bureau issued a tender for the procurement of hydrogen for hydrogen bus vehicles, the document shows that in order to meet the normal use of 20 hydrogen buses, it is necessary to purchase 100 tonnes of hydrogen, with a maximum limit price of 12/kg and a total budget of 3.6 million yuan.

Hydrogen production, hydrogen electric coupling can be declared, the National Development and Reform Commission called for the first batch of green low-carbon technology demonstration projects in 2023

On 22 August, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued a notice on the issuance of the Implementation Plan for Green and Low Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects.

In order to accelerate the demonstration and application of green and low-carbon advanced and applicable technologies, and forge new industrial competitive advantages in the process of implementing the target tasks of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other 10 departments have formulated the Implementation Plan for Green and Low-Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects.

The declaration of the first batch of demonstration projects in 2023 will be launched simultaneously, and in accordance with the principle of selecting the best among the best and preferring the best to the worst, the number of submissions from each region will be no more than 10. The Development and Reform Commission of each region should do a good job of organising and declaring demonstration projects in conjunction with the relevant departments in the region, and the demonstration projects of central enterprises will be recommended by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the project declaration form and summary table should be submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission (Department of Environment and Information Technology) by October 8, 2023, in which the demonstration projects of central enterprises will be recommended in summary.